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You sold me fake tokens, or you don't remember? Theres no place for fake people in here. it's all about honesty
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Theres no CCO for you, scammer
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· 10d · ⛏CCO
So when is the next airdrop?
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Fuck the Chinese Communist Party.
· 13d · Poker
Who wants to play Texas holdem?
· 13d · Poker
Who wants to play Texas holdem?
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Haha Hugo Chávez gave a lot of free stuff in my country, just look at us now, the worst economy of Latín América, Venezuela.
Unusual Uther
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Hey I want somen Collier, what can I do to earn some?
· 35d · Intelligent life on other planet
I believe, we are not alone, and maybe are their experiment, or maybe they are breeding for feeding their families like pigs haha good topic for a movie
· 35d · Hong Kong
Greetings to all that people who fights for Freedom in China, don't give up, homeland is from people, not from the cruel state, que viva la libertad, carajo! #freedom
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I highly recommend to lower the #memo token fee to less than 1% if you don't want to kill your business before it can be milked...
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Hola amigos de Memo, esta será una sección para las personas hispanohablantes de la pagina, saludos a todos desde Sur América!
Larga vida al Bitcoin Cash!
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