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Pero he visto gente muy mal buscando que comer en la basura, aún con el coronavirus la gente prefiere morir por un virus que morir de hambre
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La pobreza y el hambre se agrava cada día hoy hubieron saqueos en dos ciudades y pues bueno, ya veremos qué pasa, agradezco a la vida que en estos momentos no me falta comida
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Pues, bueno, aquí no hay tanto corona pero no tenemos gasolina, solo llenan el tanque los militares y policías pero la población no tiene para mover sus carros,
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ETH gained 24% in value last month compared to BTC.
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Train-wreck Trump literally just said to "shine light inside people" and to "inject disinfectant into their lungs to clean them out" as cures for COVID19. I mean this guy is just the stupidest prick on the planet.
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what a beautiful day to win a decillion sats
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187d · COVID-19
I don't think it is possible to confidently say that every vaccine is safe. Especially considering the amount of censorship around the topic of vaccines.
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Comment here and I send you 20000 HAMSTER
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Hola, Reizu, cómo andas? Cómo está la cosa por allá en España? Saludos desde Venezuela
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278d · News the end is near 23/01/2020
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Hehe, nice, I love Chicha, its a very tasty rice milkshake with cinnamoon and condensed milk just awesome and delicious
279d · Coronavirus
be careful with this people