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I think this story will end like Panama or Chile, and Maduro will be locked up just like Noriega did.
Venezuela Live Aid will be on february 23, the US army will introduce medicines and food, Maduro says that if they put their foot in Venezuelan ground our army will shoot against US army.
Good day to all my memo fellas, hope you enjoy a nice day with your friends or your partner!
Enjoy life
Cuba receives 49000 oil barrels from Venezuela monthly FOR FREE, while people here dies in the hospitals without medicines, children die starving, which kind of human being is Maduro? a psycho.
Some people say, ''USA just want the oil'' probably thats true, but dont think that Russia and China are here for eating arepas,
Petro is not been used for nothing, obviously they can track It, but it doesn't even exists, that coin is just a BIG scam, this people are the biggest liars in the history of Venzuela
You really know how it is, thats the truth
Yes, everytime people is a about to revolt and loot every supermarket they give free food... Bread and Circus, as the Roman empire
Pleb are cheap, government can buy them with a box of food, most of the pleb of Venezuela supports socialism because they only want "free" second hand food products, they are cheap.
Citizens should fight the tyrant, thats true, but without guns its impossible.
President Maduro is giving food to people who sign against humanitarian aid sent by the USA, European Union and other countries, they dont want to admit that economic crisis is killing citizens.
Thanks for asking. Looks like there will be no war, gov keep doing military practices, but USA said that they will not attack.
There will be no military intervention in Venezuela, US said that they will not attack, looks like Maduro's dictatorship will last for some years more
Everyone is waiting if the dictator Nicoas Maduro is going to call elections or fight to the end... I dont think the red a
That's right, friend
Well, Nothing happened! We still having Maduro's there, I'm still trying to find out what's happening in Venezuela's border and Colombia, there's a lot of rumours in the street
Nothing happened, thanks for that information.
There are a lot of rumours in the streets, they said the US would enter Venezuela today, but they did not...
I have to admit that I'm scared, US troops will be here soon... I hope not to be killed, I've never supported Maduro
Situation is a time bomb, we're about to have a civil war or a U.S military intervention, army is divided, half of army recognizes Nicolas Maduro the other half supports the opposition leader
awesome, I want to play, can I promote this page?
Not so good... it needs more publicity
The dictator Nicolas Maduro has elected himself again, we're screwed up, one of the richest countries in the world will be CUBA soon.
Today president of Venezuela has elected himself without making elections for a new presidential period, we're officially living in a DICTATORSHIP, and I'll let the world know it
I think something big is going to happen, soon...