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825d · us politics/trump
Find a job and get paid with crypto
825d · memo
Are you looking for work? Try this site find work get paid with crypto!
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Communism sucks, a government of hunger and misery
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And you can go playing with Hugo Chavez in hell, Bro, I dont even like Bush WTF are you saying xD
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Good vibes for you 👌
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Im just trying to find some money for founding a business and be able to change my life
924d · Pet rescue
Do you think people from here could help me paying for a minor surgery for my neighbor? She doesnt have money to save his dog and I see her crying everyday, dog has been attacked by other dog
Good Morning. Do not ask me for funds please. Thank you
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Hehe I know, hey can you give me a tip for hodling some this month?
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Hey bro, how u doing? I always enjoy your game soundtracks
967d · Investing
If somebody wants to invest some crypto our company contact me, together we can make an awesome crypto project, if somebody here wants to help me I promise I Will make a big bitcoin statue there
967d · Investing
Im looking for someone who wants to be my partner, my company was hit by coronavirus lockdown, now are working again, but we need somebody who can give us a loan or associate with us
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You are such a little liar, you know? Where do you live in Venezuela, which state ir province?
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Pero he visto gente muy mal buscando que comer en la basura, aún con el coronavirus la gente prefiere morir por un virus que morir de hambre
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La pobreza y el hambre se agrava cada día hoy hubieron saqueos en dos ciudades y pues bueno, ya veremos qué pasa, agradezco a la vida que en estos momentos no me falta comida
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Pues, bueno, aquí no hay tanto corona pero no tenemos gasolina, solo llenan el tanque los militares y policías pero la población no tiene para mover sus carros,
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