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Greetings how are you this is MrG. I got your email and responded back please check your spam folder as sell. Anyways what can you with?
Thank you we got it working
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· 147 days ago
BCHjeepney and
posted · 161 days ago
Question for anyone that can help get a error when uploading my picture on memo any fixes?
On yeah spread the word say the date. Use the website it will be updated with links and information for Sept 1St this is going to be epic!!
Oh yeah it's official Sept 1 we are going to stress test the BCH blockchain
Oh yeah Saturday is going to be funny lol
Way to go kek!! Let's have some fun
Excited to see merchants and us dominate over the BTC transactions this is going to be a lot of fun excited for the stresstest
This is going to be great for BCH to see what it can handle and see what the future will look like. It might also drive prices up due to massive use IMO
How is it going are you all ready to StresstestBCH the count down is on
posted · 183 days ago
The BCHJEEPNEY is making major waves on Facebook just wanted to share all the good news with you 🇵🇭
130 messages lol
It will be done then I have never been there do you have the inside I can put ine together
A picture of the 3 eating at comet pizza
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Welcome to!! Look forward to seeing your post!
posted · 208 days ago

Check out this beautiful BCHjeepney!!
posted · 208 days ago
The BCHjeepney is coming to Makati Belle and Dragon on May 23rd come hang with the BCHjeepney crew and lets all have some fun spreading the word about BitcoinCash to the Philippines 🏁🏁🏁🇵🇭🇵🇭🏁
posted · 209 days ago
Hi users!! Download your bitcoincash wallet from today 🇵🇭😁😎
posted · 211 days ago
Very excited about the new 217 inputs on memo. May what Day!!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🏁🏁🏁😁😉😃🐒🐵🇵🇭👏♥️♣️♦️♠️🐒🐵🐒🤔😁🐵🤔🐒🐵😁🐒🇵🇭
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Nice thats awesome!!
Manila on the Map 🇵🇭
posted · 225 days ago
First BitcoinCash poker Royal Flush