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making good progress people, more testing is to be done, but we are definitely on par, get things ready for September 1st, the first public Bitcoin stresstest, put some bubbly on ice
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Question for anyone that can help get a error when uploading my picture on memo any fixes?
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i am just going to leave this here for everyone to gaze at its awesomeness, courtesy of Brendan Lee
I'm not sure what's remarkable about this image... can someone enlighten me?
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I'm pleased to announce that the Tokyo bitcoin meetup will be hosting a stress test day party! We're going to put etc. up on the TVs and buy beers and stuff.
replied · 450d
This is what we need lots of meet ups Sept 1st or 2nd, depending where you are, fk it we need weekender parties Saturday through till Sunday night lol
On yeah spread the word say the date. Use the website it will be updated with links and information for Sept 1St this is going to be epic!!
Oh yeah it's official Sept 1 we are going to stress test the BCH blockchain
yes, @79b79aa8 10 weeks, scripts are coming will need to be tested. Meanwhile I'm happy to start 'spamming' memo with a book, might start with AynRand: The Virtue Of Selfishness
Oh yeah Saturday is going to be funny lol
Way to go kek!! Let's have some fun
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Excited to see merchants and us dominate over the BTC transactions this is going to be a lot of fun excited for the stresstest
This is going to be great for BCH to see what it can handle and see what the future will look like. It might also drive prices up due to massive use IMO
How is it going are you all ready to StresstestBCH the count down is on
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ad just released by @cryptostrategies
"Shady tactics allowed the Core developers to strip key Bitcoin functionality which made it P2P electronic cash."

working with people to determine a self interest is not so easy,
for me it's the basis of working WITH somebody,
I have to know what's at stake.

What interests people in working with/for/from #bitcoincash?
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The BCHJEEPNEY is making major waves on Facebook just wanted to share all the good news with you 🇵🇭
130 messages lol
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I just want a ride on the Jeep oh and my picture on it 🥂
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And Gen wants a photo of you saying "hi" holding your favourite greeeen drink inside her cashmobile.
Gen was a guest at CoinGeek's first #bitcoincash event Belle&Dragon, Makati, Manila. People LOVED her :)