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This week, we celebrate the elimination of a savior who didn't fit the mold that the rabble invented in their heads.

All he wanted was to free them.

Rather than heeding hard truth, they cheered for for his destruction, but his work saved them all.

#FreeBarabbas #bitcoin $BSV

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I'm not sure how this propagated to memo.cash, the full post is here: https://sv.memo.cash/post/7732048120e10cbbf038703ef409627c0ab77dccd7375ebbd8896022b333281b
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Haven't been on in a while. Hey, Memo!
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Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
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Bitcoin Advocate, Libertarian #BSV, HandCash: $Kurt
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I wish I knew. Wars bring out the worst in everyone. I imagine this is Jihan, Roger and Amaury with support from BU.
I’m coining a phrase: Proof of Punctuated Proof of Stake. 10 block reorg protection is 100 minute PoS super blocks now. So PoW is parenthetical until every tenth block.
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Good presenting.
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What does the city of Chicago say to the choice of Bitcoin Cash or KitKat Bar?? We used @CoinText to hand out prizes & gave honorable mention to: bch.gg/purse

Watch here:
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Looks like you had an enjoyable meetup. Good work!
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Sk8eM dUb
There’s 3 of them now. Fulton Market looks brand new. I always went to the one in Wicker Park or Bucktown or whatever that neighborhood is.
I hosted the first Bitcoin Cash Meetup in Chicago at the trendy Fulton Market Emporium. Here's the highlight!

Cryptotraderspro.com Stress Test
This would be SPAM on BTC
Waving at my wife on the blockchain!
Memo.Cash simple "how-to" video:
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Always respect others when in their house. But fuck government and taxes. Government is an organization of violent people.
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right. CSW is not beneficial to BCH community. He might be smart but he is arrogant and too much "centralized" bullshit
708d · Fire Amaury Sechet
I don't like that CSW blocks everyone who challenges him though. Vin Armani and Amaury Sechet should be allies to nChain even if there are disagreements.
708d · Fire Amaury Sechet
Amaury seems like a good dude. I think the BCH community needs to be as little like Core as possible, and let there be disagreement, BIPs and then vote with hashing power.
A conversation about living entirely on cryptocurrency with Joel Valenzuela from Dash Force:
Just hoping devs from both sides of the pre-consensus debate can discuss these things rationally.