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I didn't realise this until just now - I kept clicking the "♥" with # of likes next to it expecting to see the list of likes but getting the tipping field instead. Just my intuition.
687d · Bitcoin Cash
Prediction: CFTC and DOJ investigations of Tether find massive fraud. Flash crash in crypto markets, BTC under $1k - the flippening finally happens, but in the grimmest of ways.
722d · Racism
you'll be much easier to deal with.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
693d · Headlines from the Future
"Decision 2040: Chelsea Clinton vs George P. Bush, an election like no other in history"
693d · Headlines from the Future
"Western democracy: 4 more years for Kanye"
694d · Globalism
Crazy idea: trial Andrew Yang's proposed $1k/month UBI on veterans. If you ever served in the military in any capacity, you get $1k/month with no strings. See the results 1 year later.
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me too, I'll add the second half "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand
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true, more competition is better for everyone (lower prices & higher quality). smallest & most states possible. "The smallest minority on earth is the individual." - Ayn Rand
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Love that quote
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Matthew 22:21 ("render to Caesar..") does so much heavy lifting for Christians who just want to fit in with the laws/society they find themselves in. Islam has had no such luck...
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694d · Globalism
Also freedom of movement, with people being global citizens free to go and live and work anywhere I'm the world with no border control whatsoever.
694d · Globalism
The pro is lower economic inequality between nations, but the bummer is that economic inequality is larger within countries.
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A global government could turn into the final monopoly on force. I prefer to have multiple competing states, where tyrannies inevitably lose business and their people to freer states.
694d · Dirty Haiku
I do not know the rules for Haiku, and I am a bit of a turd, So I did not learn them.
694d · Dirty Haiku
Say something evil, if it sucks I'll ignore you , I know you want to
694d · Dirty Haiku
Stone's a bit old-school, I'll carve my words here instead, memo's forever.
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Generous excrement, very generous excrement
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That must be new since I joined, that's great! Also is pretty good - $0.10 worth of BCH at current prices is almost 20k sats, enough for something like 50 posts.
694d · memo
Idea to help first-timers with no BCH: a single off-chain pseudo-topic (stored on this website only) where an account can post for free but still receive on-chain tips. Just rate limit to avoid spam.
694d · BCH Speculation
As someone who currently has little disposable income to invest but who will move to a much more lucrative job next year, a multi-year bear market would be a welcome chance to accumulate.
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What's your preferred pluralisation of the satoshi unit? Complete the following sentence: "The transaction fee was 250..."
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695d · BCH Speculation
And then a whistleblower at Tether leaks evidence that USDT isn't backed by USD at all, USDT crashes, whole crypto space crashes too because USDT accounts for a lot of trading pairs
A govt that wants to do bad things to its citizens will do them by controlling the flow of information in order to make the bad things look like good things.
(Just like /r/Bitcoin)
replied 695d
Or to make good people look like bad people who deserve the bad things that the govt does to them (e.g. non-violent offenders in prison, minorities in internment camps, etc)