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you know how to get all that free stuff.
That is the problem but btc it's definitely not sustainable. Fees are going to go high for them. Core might even change software to screw them lie they did vitalik.
But our hash power may not enough for them
Generate your own "proof" that you are Satoshi Nakamoto here:

Check out ABRA and invest in 28 cryptos or BIT10, an index of the top cryptos. Use my link and get $25 in free bitcoin after your first Bank/Amex deposit.
Just thinking the same. Bch would welcome them with open arms, btc chain treats them like thieves.
Nice Fivebucks alternative - Workingforbitcoins:
Nice! Must try that 😊 thanks.
My wife is mad i am using sv memo... says its not “free” speech. I tried to explain what free speech is. She is still mad. My skills at explaining are bad.
She's right, it's only "free" until you post something that Craig doesn't like
"It's almost as if they are intentionally making BTC(LN) extremely difficult to use and likely to loose money for numerous reasons while still dancing around all the problems with
essentially a "trust us" that is backed by endless technobabble"
This is more relevant than ever:
Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Avoid the dollar like the plague.
From a purely technical perspective most of what people think of as "privacy features" are risky to implement, with a high chance of a bug leading to the destruction of the entire system. Monero has already had one
The small blocksize did its job
Bitcoin Girl - Original Music Video (Official, 2014)

Some fun facts about making it are in the video description :)
Satoshi Roundtable: Bitcoin Art

Have a look at these amazing pieces of art featured at the Satoshi Roundtable this year!
They double as paper wallets. I'm in love.
State of the (Crypto) Union

At Liberty Forum in NH this year I was thrilled to put together a panel with some awesome people, updating everyone on the "state of the (crypto) union".
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Some drugs like SSRI are over prescribed nowadays. That people will only experience side effects with no actual improvement.
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What do YOU know about Bitcoin? By #CoinSpice