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replied · 5h
Did you lose anything in the transfer to stablecoins?
· 12h
Got paid in Bitcoin Cash today. Traded half of it for stablecoins thanks to SideShift ( and kept the other half.

We can escape the banking system TODAY with these innovations.
· 20h

AFAIK, USDH is compliant not regulated.
compliance = GOV fiscal policy
Regulated = Working with a monetary authority
· 17h
Wacky racer II, day 3 ( late results)

🚜 Big back wheels gain some serious traction pushing him into 1st.

· 17h · Memo
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replied · 1d
I checked with another account and indeed. When you place an order it's visible for everyone, but when you fill it it only disappears for you, not for the other users
replied · 1d
The admin said on telegram and twitter that they're currently changing their order matching algorithm. Maybe report this issue in their telegram channel.
· 1d
Hey everybody I am streaming again. or
· 1d

· 1d
okay people, I'm selling spice @ and I feel like I'm the only one there
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· 2d
· 2d
New article! Tips appreciated!

Pointing out syntax errors, contributing suggestions and translating all earn you #MYTHBUSTER!
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sent · 546 sats · 9d
Please stop creating copies of tokens and trying to sell them for profit. That's obviously a dick move and an easy way to get yourself muted by many. Make your own content & stop stealing others
David knife
· 8d
imagine seeing two white doves flying together in a circle right over the heads of my enemies I know I will see 15 minutes later. never in my life seen a white dove flying especially here in especially in this weather
David knife
· 8d
Guys Mr.unusual other has so kind to so many here. Please consider doing something special fur him on Xmas gift cards ? Or something ty GOD bless u guys
· 8d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily) = Scam
Hey guys, Kain_niak here. I am going to make sure that this topic is always above ADD Token (Air Drop Daily) and that my ADD=SCAM token is above ADD in market cap.
· 8d
Roger Ver just said he onboarded some major celebrities in this weeks roundup. Maybe they will find their way over to Memo.
· 9d
Paypal chose to amicably withdraw from the Libra project “to advance financial inclusion faster,”
· 9d · Bitcoin
Lightning Network (LN) payments plummets to lowest value since late 2018
· 12d
If you can't buy coffee with it, can it even be called a currency?

· 12d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
· 11d
New culinary fashion - Elon Musk makes Thanksgiving SQUARE AGAIN, because till now it was queer...

· 11d

I don’t laugh much nowadays; this made me laugh. I wanted to share it here.