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Bulgarian. Living in Japan. Budo-geek - aikido, kendo, iaido. Software Engineer. FPV drone racing addicted. Recent blockchain enthusiast.


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ABC will orphan blocks that don't do a non-protocol action, but BCHN will accept blocks that do that ABC non-protocol thing, so who's forking from whom in this case? Seems clear to me.
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The community's response to #BitcoinABC's hostile behavior is quite encouraging.

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This an important project as it aims to make onboarding new devs to BCH MUCH easier! Min. BCH pledges are now down to as little as $60:
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IPFS is already like this - your "bucket" is on many servers. Just if there is no access, it will disappear. So some companies providing "pin" services - holding pointer to it.
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What you are showing is exactly what I'm talking about - it is deployed in IPFS (Qm.... hash address) with as a pin service. BTW I'm working for PSF too.
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If we dig this whole, I can create raw transactions - :) But it's a little far from initial discussion...
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Oops, sorry for the confusion. Thought you are maintaining
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Get some free BCH from and start posting. If your posts are valuable, people will give you more.
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Ok, nice, So what you need Cloudflare exactly for then? Caching? HTTPS?
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Still nothing can be done for the DNS, it is hierarchical and authoritative by definition, But at least HTTP layer also will be decentralized...
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So why to have this centralized website for the blockchain data? Why to not use IPFS and some pin service.
Am I the only one forced to solve the Google Cloudflare captcha 3-4 time any time I access Guys, be good do not put centralized, problematic layer in front of decentralized service as
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