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CEO of Aerial Entertainment Studios, a Hong Kong based company with a network of over 1900 filmmakers in 72 countries, catering to the needs of major film & TV studios in Hollywood. Big fan of crypto and Bitcoin Cash.


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I’ve just logged in for the first time in over a year. At first glance I am not seeing much difference from a year ago.

What are the big improvements done to the platform?
Ok everyone, we should start replacing the weekly BCH videos with weekly updates by Jimmy/Steve/Craig who share some of the interesting developments on BSV and how this applies in the real world.


I’m raising funds for the Down Syndrome association of Hong Kong. Tennis tournament taking place in 1 week. Taking any donation amounts that I will match 100% (up to 1 BCH in total).

Please help!
Raising funds for the Hong Kong Down syndrome association via a tennis tournament on October 6th. Want to show the power of BCH for fund raising. I will match contributions up to a max of 1 BCH. Please donate!
Worried about the very low transaction volume going on on BCH in the last few days. No more than 0.25 tx/second. What is happening?
Cut the guy some slack everyone. Dash is a solid project that I very much compare to BCH. Both are fast as hell and have adoption growing day by day. No issues on my end.
Yes but if exchanges take position and treat this as a fork, by definition we would end up with 2 coins. CoinEx seems to have taken position already if I am not mistaken.
What happens if nChain has the majority hash power and implements Bitcoin SV, but exchanges treat that as a fork of BCH and name it BSV?

Are we now going to start having arguments around which is the ‘real’ BCH?
Last year BTC could only process a single transaction for $50.
Today BCH is processing 35,000 transactions for $50.
Ok so it must be my computer having issues displaying the activity.
So what’s the outcome of the stress test?

- has gone quiet with almost nothing happening on the BCH side.
- has a server error?

Cool, well done. is a great way to show kids about BCH vs BTC is a great way to show kids about BCH vs BTC
Showing TX street to my son. Very cool.
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Where can I participate in the BCH stress test? Which website gives me that possibility to send $2 for example?

Any consensus on the way forward or was it a circle jerk with cookies and cream as described by Craig Wright ?
I love seeing my posts pop up on in real time. Really awesome. Give me some love please :-)
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Which client do you trust most?
*Assume public knowledge for SV
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Bitcoin Unlimited 51 votes · 19,129 satoshis
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That's a great idea. I'll do this for my son's allowance this week.
Watch the latest Bitcoin Cash Update with Roger Ver! Watch as Samson Mow Runs when offered a debate with Roger. Roger also discusses the potential November upgrade and disagreements.
I haven’t posted here in a while (2 months). What new features have been added to
Cheers everyone.
August 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the #BCH Hard Fork. We'll be celebrating with a special Bitcoin Cash meetup in #Tokyo.
Event details to be revealed soon! #BitcoinCash #Adoption #BCHforeveryone