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CEO of Aerial Entertainment Studios, a Hong Kong based company with a network of over 1900 filmmakers in 72 countries, catering to the needs of major film & TV studios in Hollywood. Big fan of crypto and Bitcoin Cash.


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· 160d
I’ve just logged in for the first time in over a year. At first glance I am not seeing much difference from a year ago.

What are the big improvements done to the platform?
· 321d
Ok everyone, we should start replacing the weekly BCH videos with weekly updates by Jimmy/Steve/Craig who share some of the interesting developments on BSV and how this applies in the real world.

· 441d

I’m raising funds for the Down Syndrome association of Hong Kong. Tennis tournament taking place in 1 week. Taking any donation amounts that I will match 100% (up to 1 BCH in total).

Please help!
· 443d
Raising funds for the Hong Kong Down syndrome association via a tennis tournament on October 6th. Want to show the power of BCH for fund raising. I will match contributions up to a max of 1 BCH. Please donate!
· 443d
Worried about the very low transaction volume going on on BCH in the last few days. No more than 0.25 tx/second. What is happening?
replied · 443d
Cut the guy some slack everyone. Dash is a solid project that I very much compare to BCH. Both are fast as hell and have adoption growing day by day. No issues on my end.
replied · 467d
Yes but if exchanges take position and treat this as a fork, by definition we would end up with 2 coins. CoinEx seems to have taken position already if I am not mistaken.
· 467d
What happens if nChain has the majority hash power and implements Bitcoin SV, but exchanges treat that as a fork of BCH and name it BSV?

Are we now going to start having arguments around which is the ‘real’ BCH?
· 467d
Last year BTC could only process a single transaction for $50.
Today BCH is processing 35,000 transactions for $50.
replied · 467d
Ok so it must be my computer having issues displaying the activity.
· 467d
So what’s the outcome of the stress test?

- has gone quiet with almost nothing happening on the BCH side.
- has a server error?

replied · 468d
Cool, well done.
· 468d is a great way to show kids about BCH vs BTC
· 468d is a great way to show kids about BCH vs BTC
· 468d
Showing TX street to my son. Very cool.
Harry Balsagna
replied · 468d
replied · 468d
· 468d
Where can I participate in the BCH stress test? Which website gives me that possibility to send $2 for example?
· 468d

Any consensus on the way forward or was it a circle jerk with cookies and cream as described by Craig Wright ?
· 468d
I love seeing my posts pop up on in real time. Really awesome. Give me some love please :-)
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Which client do you trust most?
*Assume public knowledge for SV
Bitcoin ABC 6 votes · 6,666 satoshis
Bitcoin Unlimited 51 votes · 19,129 satoshis
Bitcoin SV 53 votes · 27,915 satoshis
Bitcoin XT 3 votes · 0 satoshis
bcash 0 votes · 0 satoshis


replied · 468d
That's a great idea. I'll do this for my son's allowance this week.
· 474d
Watch the latest Bitcoin Cash Update with Roger Ver! Watch as Samson Mow Runs when offered a debate with Roger. Roger also discusses the potential November upgrade and disagreements.
· 478d
I haven’t posted here in a while (2 months). What new features have been added to
Cheers everyone.
· 522d
August 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the #BCH Hard Fork. We'll be celebrating with a special Bitcoin Cash meetup in #Tokyo.
Event details to be revealed soon! #BitcoinCash #Adoption #BCHforeveryone