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It was along the lines of 75% to 25%. And yes, that's how a democracy works.
Hi yoonski :)
It may be more efficient than torrent. A quick upload time (send it to a datacenter, the miners), quick download (same), hopefully near free, and being able to earn money from that
You can now upload files to BSV blockchain using a file on the BSV blockchain!!!
More functionality is worse. Kappa
Thanks for the heads up blockstream.
glad we know what the GDP growth will be in 2029. maybe the Crystal Ball Office can tell us what the BCH and BTC prices will be too. youtube will filter videos such as claiming the earth is flat, or making false claims about historic events like 9/11.
Obviously the videos have been taken down from youtube, but I am sure you can find them. They talk about how they sell the fetal tissue etc.

NY STATE legalizes abortion up until the birth of the child:
Who cares. It's just cool to upload one of the most readed book. Upload Adam Smith if you want but upload something
The first large memo:


How are you reading this article? How did it go from my laptop to your screen?
By the time you read this, I will have posted it on, tweeted the link out, and posted it in other various channels. As o...
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Wow that's pretty cool
Increased usage, merchant adoption and price increase.
V. Buterin considers the failure to raise the blocksize as worse than the MtGox hack for Bitcoin.
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Max post size for SV big Memos increased to 65kb. There is also support for embedding images using data-uri format in posts!
No more splits means BSV will do well. Three camps: BTC small blocks, no HF; BCH medium blocks, experimental protocol 6 mo HFs; BSV stable protocol, massive blocks.
For those of you who are looking for a good desktop wallet check out it is basically Electron Cash but maintained for SV, feels good man.