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Hi yoonski :) youtube will filter videos such as claiming the earth is flat, or making false claims about historic events like 9/11.
Obviously the videos have been taken down from youtube, but I am sure you can find them. They talk about how they sell the fetal tissue etc.

NY STATE legalizes abortion up until the birth of the child:
For those of you who are looking for a good desktop wallet check out it is basically Electron Cash but maintained for SV, feels good man.
Which desktop wallets are good to use with BSV? I saw that the latest version of Electron Cash 3.3.3 does not support BSV anymore. Centbee is only for mobile I guess.
First known satoshi nakamoto sighting:
Insulting, what they tried to pull off on the american people. On all of us actually. But then again, no lie ever withstands the steady force of time. Shattered or forgotten that's where it ends.
CoinGeek Conference Recorded livestream:
A video showing liquid metal pouring out of WTC. I look at how molten aluminum looks like. I look at how molten steel looks like. I compare the videos. I conclude it was molten steel. You don't.
Also if NIST was so sure it was aluminum, why did they add the weird theory stating the aluminum was mixed with office furniture and carpet and therefore glowed like molten steel?
Sure looks like molten aluminum to me:
Ok, just ignore the molten steel pouring out of the side of the building caught on video then.
I am still stacking up some SV :D
lmao :D
Who would have thought, that between all the hash war hysteria, I'd start to miss the daily dose of LightRider spam. Long past seem the blissful days were everything was how it should be.
I still believe in CSW