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As far as I can read in the original post, Satoshi does not imply that Bitcoin should not be compatible with law.
First known satoshi nakamoto sighting:
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Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
Gl hf
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Probably also Jihan as his IPO is going down the drain. So he needs someone to drop his bags on.
Hahah nooo, if you stop obeying the mafia - they KILL you.
I'll follow the white paper before I follow a dev or a crowd. I understand the original design of Bitcoin. I don't understand how "Bitcoin" Cash BCH works.
Anyone on SV side want to chip in a small amount of Satoshis my way so I can keep pissing Roger Ver Minions off? Otherwise I'm broke for a few days until I travel to a Bitcoin ATM. #BitcoinSV #BSV #nChain #CoinGeek
Did you know, in Switzerland we can vote if we want taxes. The people voted yes.
Hell no we sold abc 3.3 ratio some did better.. so BSV holders who sold BAB.. have 3 to 4 times the coin and has gone up in value 😎
Yet he is still human. When Jimmy talked about his family, I saw what drives this man. In the end we all aren't so different. That said: he is doing hell of a job. Let us respect that.
Insulting, what they tried to pull off on the american people. On all of us actually. But then again, no lie ever withstands the steady force of time. Shattered or forgotten that's where it ends.
Again Sam. RETARDED.
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After reading this, I am optimistic :)
meeting @memo's Jason,
a highlight of the conference.

Putting faces to names
and hearing the direction of this platform

A lot of new accounts suddenly promote
That's the new Antminer yo