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2 gigamegs tomorrow.

Hot or not?
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I think you just have to log in with your moneybutton to twetch, I'll ask him to unlock your ID. You are one of the early moneybutton users with only 3 digits i assume :O
replied 467d
I got in mate! If you still need an invite let me know your moneybutton ID number (4 digits) and sign up @ twetch. I will try to ask the dude on twetch to let you in :)
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469d · twetch
Hello guys, could anyone provide me with a twetch invite? I'd really like to try it out but unfortunately I don't use twitter, so I can't DM @twetchapp for an invite. ([email protected])
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I second this suggestion. I really don't need a button to show a post of someone I muted.
replied 479d
That would be some work but will hopefully be an option at some point. Thanks for the feedback.
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Celebrate your independence, Memo now supports muting!
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Whichever way it goes.
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Can I get a repost with labels (or a link to age graphs)?
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Sorry, I posted this in a rush. The source is
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He is building.
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I think that justice prevails
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That's a matter of perspective
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Why not?
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Simon Van Gelder
I can see where you are coming from.
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I meant train of thought :D
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I would assume that is because he is not that good of a talker and/or because his thought of train is not easily comprehendable. Yet for me what I have understood is enough to believe.