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· 150d
BSV is still peer-to-peer cash, plus.. Here's the first Berlin hackathon!

It's currently underway!
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· 158d
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· 161d
First hackathon in Berlin for Bitcoin SV.

#BSV #Hackathon #Bitcoin #BitcoinSV

The first one will be a warm up, then it's on to bigger things!


· 166d
A friend shared this with me, quite an interesting read:
· 173d
Surly I'd be a big win, and such an easy win at that. Right?

Come on Vitalik, show everyone who's boss. By showing to a court CSW is lying.

· 231d
So good to see all the infrastructure development happening on Bitcoin SV.
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Is there benefit if someone creates a blog post of a human-readable breakdown of unwriter's tools from the beginning of the year and their practical uses?
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replied · 257d
how about letting blockspace producers decide what they include in blocks and at what cost (we cant know yet if its stupid or not).
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