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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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Ordering of TXs in blocks does absolutely nothing for verifying the timestamp of tx... BSV uses topological tx ordering (order of discovery). No node can order blocks chronologically.
Memo SV site had an outage today. It is resolved now.
Can you show me where a reputation score is calculated for Avalanche?

When a mining node produces an incorrect (invalid) block, it is banned. Avalanche or no Avalanche.
PSA: r/btc has open mod logs were you can see all moderator actions incl. reasoning for banning specific users.
TIL "ABC" can ban someone from /r/btc .
Wow. Two trolls encouraging each other.
Cool new BCH development tracking resource:
Marco Coino growth has really picked up again. Looks like BCH is a winner. Clear path to adoption.
^ this is not a hate post /s
Just because you call yourself Bitcoin does not entitle you to decide what Bitcoin is.
That is absurd. Nothing about the recent update goes against the whitepaper, or takes away from its ability to be used as electronic cash. The recent update brings us closer than ever
10 days to go until this bet is called. Market is crazy but it's not looking like either the BCH or BSV chain will cease to exist within 10 days. Let's see.
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You can help spread Bitcoin Cash and economic freedom via #AirdropVenezuela! –
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Very glad to see a quickly iterating alternative to Yours! Just say no to litigious, anti-scientific, would-be usurpers. Long live Bitcoin Cash!
Yep he is insulted way too much. The guy that threatens mining at 0 for years. And that's exactly what will happen. Good luck
No one knows the future, but I predict you are going to be disappointed with SV in the long term. The recent big blocks were squeezing water from a stone, and still didn't get 128MB
... but ABC had so much clout this time because bitmain and so many other miners were behind them. Not the other way around.
I definitely worry about ABC becoming a reference client like Core did. But look at SV. It is 100% the reference client with a clear corporate master that will dictate future rules :(
It's very possible after one officially breaks off, both BCH and BSV could survive and really put a crunch on BTC, ETH, and LTC.
It's empirically untrue - look around the coin market. Sure - 95% of it is worthless, but there are serious competing value propositions. I think this will remain to be the case.