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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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Awesome video, thanks for doing this. You have a knack for explaining things clearly and well.
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A video presentation on how developers can *earn* #bitcoincash by running and managing a REST API.
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He is spouting crap, at the very least conflating block size and possible increase of op_return data sizes or suchlike.
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> is bent on keeping BCH at a 14 TPS limit (2mb soft-cap)

If you think that, you are delusional.
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better for what purpose?
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Bitcoin Cash community has put forward its plans from the outset, to scale using bigger blocks. There is no limit except technical going to be set by us, despite SV propaganda.
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Have to disagree about the "all the big blockers have left for BSV" part Naomi, that's just a BSV narrative which they pushed from the start to divide community.

Don't buy into it.
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If you use NordVPN, please monitor the developing situation around possible compromise. See also /r/nordvpn

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Member version 2.1.1 maintains a utxo pool on the client side to improve speed and reliability.
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What should I prioritize for Member V3?

Here's the current V3 todo list -
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Thanks Memo!
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Muted activity is now removed from the everyone and new posts feeds
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slp-cli-wallet v1.7.8 fixes bug that was preventing the sending of tokens on testnet. Use slp-sdk examples to create testnet tokens, then send them to your slp-cli-wallet.
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Let me know if anything is missing here:
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Had this idea: use affiliate links in - use income to pay the server and reward contributors of - keep it updated
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Im waiting!
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While I don't like that he retweets a Bitcoin SV account, I do find his term of 'BTC bolsheviki' to be accurate...

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People new to Memo or SLP tokens can leave a comment in this channel to get some free Baby Badger (BAB) tokens.
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Today the price of BCH is $223 and the president of the USA is Donald Trump.
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Please rate spammers as 1 star on Member, like Joey Trend for example -