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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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yes - I just sent you 100 MDB. You are now in the top 10 rich list of MDB hodlers !!!
We should go through the new Bitpay directory and get anything not already in Greenpages added. I have taken the first line now :)
Today I announce the creation of Million Dollar Baby (MDB) token.
Total supply: 1 million
Cutting babies in pieces is wrong so there are no decimals.
10.000 are currently for sale. Grab them while you can!!!
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Yay.. more taxes. This time I'm paying for the well-being of people who murder innocent people and children in other countries. If I don't then I'm thrown in a cage.

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I'm excited to announce is now available!

Accept Bitcoin Cash donations through Streamlabs for your Twitch livestreams!

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Thanks :-)
The real reason Tone Vays hasn't used Purse.IO is because he doesn't want to pay BTC FEES. LOL. Not that bogus "The Gov is going to ban Bitcoin" Story .
· 8h launch was a huge success!

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I knew there was a map I was forgetting. Will add later.

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Also, is a Good Bot! :-) #dailymemo
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If someone is not using BCH because of Roger Ver, think about how stupid that is? Roger ver does not own it, he just promotes it. Basically you are just hurting yourself. Slap yourself silly.
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Small blockers are scammers.
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with every year more and more of them out themselves not only as wrong, but also as totally not worth listening to.
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The video ended too abruptly.
We need to see more! ;-)
Haven looks great. Beta testing is going on, finally tried it out this week, it is slick. Their promo video
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Core pseudoscience at its most blatant.
They have no arguments, so they have to lie to claim that Bitcoin does not scale like Satoshi described.


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The funniest thing is they claim "it was revealed that [big blocks don't scale]".

Such nonsense. None of them so much as published a paper arguing that it can't - because it *can*...
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THIS JUST IN: Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't understand the technology behind Bitcoin.

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It definitely seems that way. I look forward to a day in the future when we get to see behind the curtain of whatever campaigns have been operated against BTC in the past and BCH now.