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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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我不能代表您接受捐赠,然后让您承担责任 .
If this is proposal could result in divestment by large holders, it is fitting to ask for a coin holder vote on the acceptability of IFP and other proposals.

Too bad is temporarily offline.
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He really gets it to a deep level and is able to explain it well.
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He is the one who provided huge donations to developers in the last fundraiser, at least according to his claims. I don't have much reason to doubt it's true.
The unexpected consequence of the new 12.5% development fund proposal will is that everyone is using!
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If you live in a country where the government gives it to people who do a good job, let me know where you live.
I know of two results of where it ends up
- lowest bidder
- cousin/frens
How Bitcoin solves it:
- You earn your money through work, your pay your money to those who you feel provide you a good service.

How governments solve it:
- Take your money, give it to someone they feel should do it.
Update #2 on the Bitcoin Cash Register subtitle translation effort.
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Thanks a bunch
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I agree with you on most points.

However it is not a small detail that miners are redirecting the inflation rather than creating it. Its an important distinction - one changes the
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You brought up somewhere else earlier that already does this. Which is fine. I have no problem with that. doesn't threaten to orphan other blocks if they don't
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1. A few miners colluding to say "follow our rules or we orphan your shit" is very authoritarian.

2. The money going to a sketchy Chinese company first is also bad.
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May I ask you to submit a copy of the subtitles text with the changes you propose, via
I'd like to see your changes in the text so we can review further.
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I've read your discussion with sjbuendia on, ending here:
I am looking for someone to review a Chinese (traditional) translation of the subtitles:
3d · Bitcoin Cash Register community translations
I am looking for someone to review a Chinese (traditional) translation of the subtitles:
Initial take on "dev tax": It is not worth splitting BCH over $6M. The "Miner Activated Soft Fork" is fascinating. It will be a mechanism to effect change in the future. However, this proposal should be repealed.
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