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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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Very glad to see a quickly iterating alternative to Yours! Just say no to litigious, anti-scientific, would-be usurpers. Long live Bitcoin Cash!
Yep he is insulted way too much. The guy that threatens mining at 0 for years. And that's exactly what will happen. Good luck
No one knows the future, but I predict you are going to be disappointed with SV in the long term. The recent big blocks were squeezing water from a stone, and still didn't get 128MB
... but ABC had so much clout this time because bitmain and so many other miners were behind them. Not the other way around.
I definitely worry about ABC becoming a reference client like Core did. But look at SV. It is 100% the reference client with a clear corporate master that will dictate future rules :(
It's very possible after one officially breaks off, both BCH and BSV could survive and really put a crunch on BTC, ETH, and LTC.
It's empirically untrue - look around the coin market. Sure - 95% of it is worthless, but there are serious competing value propositions. I think this will remain to be the case.
BSV won't survive. It's an attack coin, a killer chain. It was created to conquer an existing coin and as such didn't have any support from any legit exchange.
Because their goal was to take the BCH name and all the ecosystem built. A hell of a lot easier than starting from scratch if they pulled it off.
Big corporations will hardly integrate a system with no users.
Bigger miners? BSV is mining at a great loss, you won't see any other miner for a long times, maybe a year, maybe never. A honest miner mines for gains made by the coin, not from
canibalizing an ecosystem, which is the BSV model.
Of course it would take a long time. BSV has no foundation. They would have to try and get Bitpay,, coinbase, many exchanges, a promoter, etc.
Calvin Ayre wants BCH to add the replay protection so The BSV price soars. If SV does it, then BCH soars. Don't need to be a billionaire to see this 5th grade logic.
Well I give you that. Everybody should trust their own opinion more.
Ryan X charles says the difference is minor. He is slightly for SV but if ABC wins he couldn't be happier. What happened to that?
Calvin Ayre said he would go with the longest chain. What happened to that?
CSW- His own words says he doesn't care if the price goes to 0. But what about all the investors he is screwing? He doesn't care. So you are a fool if he is trying to make money for the world. He only cares about him