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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.


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Until a real financial crisis. Then some more might wake up to discover why Bitcoin was created in the first place.
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On a weekend getaway with the kids and enjoying the end of summer. Living in a first world country I can see why people are so skeptical of Bitcoin. They don't feel there's a need. We've been anesthetized. #dailymemo
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There are other limits in place that are causing your purchase to be ignored. It causes the market cap to be out of range.
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I blame 🍺 for getting me to purchase a BAB to see how it would affect the market cap ;-)

But yeah, the token pages would greatly profit from favorites, selectable sorts & search
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Total purchase price and per-token purchase price was higher in second case (which was my purchase).

Unless the threshold got adjusted in the interim.
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Hmm, on second thought:

40 BAB bought for 800 satoshis --> REFLECTED (still the price on which mcap is calc'd)

1 BAB I bought for 1,000 satoshis --> NOT REFLECTED

Don't understand.
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I agree, of course 🍺 is awesome :-D
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That probably explains it.
I was in a sphere, with a deer, who said, let's be clear,

There is only one SLP we should revere, and he said it was 🍺.

So listen to the deer, and everyone cheer while sipping on your, ice, cold,🍺 :-)
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My purchase of BAB on the market didn't seem to reflect in the market cap screen. I thought maybe it was due to single token purchase, but a purchase of Beer token reflected within short time.

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I have been doing gigs with my band in Germany & Belgium, promoting Bitcoin Cash at the same time.
The irony...
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ah i see :-) forgot all about it :D
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"the number of channels and the capacity of the lighting network is stagnating or declining; the largest liquidity provider is processing just 200 to 300 payments a day"
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He describes himself as a "Lawyer" on his site.

One would expect he knows the difference and uses the right term?
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Wright to Kleiman in 2014:

"Basically, I am not avoiding tax, but trying to create a structure like Google uses to make the amount we pay as small as possible."
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Of course, this is premised on not stuffing one's blocks full of useless things just to nudge some statistics. The market isn't *that* easily impressed.