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replied 1206d
Thank you.
1207d · Bitcoin Cash
It would be good if he could post here something from time to time. Trolls always follows him, but in here they will have to at least use bch (or bsv) to attack Roger.
1207d · memo
1207d · memo
1208d · BlockChain Poker
Uff, enough losing for today :)
followed topic BlockChain Poker 1208d
1208d · BlockChain Poker
Anybody wants to play on blockchain.poker?
followed topic Honest.cash 1208d
followed topic Bitcoin 1208d
followed topic Bitcoin Cash 1208d
1208d · Bitcoin Cash
Is Roger Ver on memo? I checked quickly and there is plenty of accounts of Roger Ver, but which one is real? If any...
1208d · Bitcoin SV
Good for BSV users and good for Bitcoin. Keep it up BSV users. We need p2p currency, not fight between BSV and BCH. Or any other tbh.
1209d · gaming
Sounds fun. Ok, thanks, I will check it.
replied 1209d
What about bch chain?
1209d · memo
1209d · gaming
I have heard about it, but it is really old game so I thought I'll skip it. Does it feel dated?
replied 1209d
What about BCH chain? Is it going to get increased text size or not? I am not interested in BSV that is why I am asking.
followed topic gaming 1209d
1209d · gaming
I've got plenty of time now. Any games worth playing now? I'm looking for games I can trade in game like Diablo 2 or Path of Exile. Any recommendations?
1209d · memo
Is BCH getting bigger op_return on next hard fork? BSV is perfect example why BCH shouldn't increase block limit yet as BSV struggles to propagate big blocks and chain chokes.
1210d · Educational
Ever wondered what was important in alignment?
followed topic memo 1210d
1210d · memo
Why BSV can get bigger text? Bsv blocks are not bigger than bch so what gives?
1220d · memo
What happened to memo? Why I have to login via abc.memo.cash and all my posts are gone?
1423d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
Why not do this on BCH's independence day Aug 1st? Us 'muricans like to blow shit up on our independence day, this could be something similar