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Is taxation theft?
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Jo tak! :D
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Hej allesammen! Ny bruger her på Memo! :)
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Yes, I'm Danish. I grew up in Aalborg. Nice to meet other Danes here on Memo. ;)
New Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks Reveal Integrated Cold Wallet for Cryptocurrencies
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What's the best password manager in your opinion?
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Thank you! :)
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Cool! I'm actually using the application right now. It works great. I can recommend this application to everyone on Memo.

Thank you! :)
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I also have to make it clear, that I'm not getting paid in any way at all. I simply believe it's the best VPN provider in the world. Do your own research, and you'll see! :)
Everybody needs a VPN today! My research on VPN providers has taken a lot of my time, but I've finally made a choice, and you should too. You can pay with crypto for this Swedish provider now.
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Hello, MikeFromTheUK! :)
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Thank you very much! I like it so far. By the way, are you Danish? I'm living in Denmark too. :D
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