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This is interesting.
Every TX made with this wallet sends an addition 2000 sats to fund its development.
All ppl fleecing Uther r just 1 guy & his main Electron processed $600+. You want proof? Well beef up, grow a pair & find it urself; it took me eternity 2 dig blocks so y wld I sing it. Also its more fun this way 😈
After the ABC fork, it is important that there is a direct BCHABC exchange pair.
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After the ABC fork, it is important that there is a direct BCH-ABC exchange pair.

After the BSV fork, investors had to trade through BTC, and some of the funds never made the second leg of the journey.
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I can recall setting that profile on member cash. Maybe Free-Trade will be in a position to explain to me what I possibly has done here. It might be a bug on the day of me registering
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Following, mutes and others are different. If I click on profile it shows that account but if I post it divert to my main account. I have no clue of what is happening here.
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However the weird thing is if I click on the memo link on member it takes me to that profile. The balance of the accounts are identical. But the actions, tokens, post, followers
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If I press on the memo link in member it takes me to that account. What I post on member. Cash appears on that account.
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Hi I checked it again. What I have realized is that when I opened my member.cash account I somehow created that account. It is link my member. Cash account .

Are we together on this one?????
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can ya'll see my rank 👀👇🏼👇🏼 I'm the amazing 11th!
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Not your keys, not your social media account.

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The number of active users has risen sharply this year. It is noticeable that this year many more new users have joined than in previous years.

10 yrs with a woman I love or the better title 3,653 nights
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Tah! Lot of memos🤔🤔🤔
Topic - Binder BNDR, BNDR Cash
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Or if you don't mind Ladymail
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LadyMay I suppose 🤣🤣🤣🏃🏃🏃🏃
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Ex smoker, been around 6 months? Since I stopped vaping and a good few years since tobacco, still get the odd day when I could spark one up if I had any.