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sent · 666 sats 446d
I’m enjoying sobriety courtesy of free processing via the church of Scientology. You drink mouth wash when the liquor store is closed.
sent · 666 sats 446d
Stop muting and unmuting people, show a little star power for a change.
sent · 666 sats 446d
Why did you send me all that shit?
sent · 103,282 sats 460d
Go eat something!
sent · 639 sats 470d

Pls delet.
sent · 1,710 sats 470d
You’re awfully popular these days.
sent · 230,000 sats 470d
For next week’s poker winner
sent · 666 sats 470d
Did you see my article?
sent · 666 sats 474d
Did you read my article? What were your thoughts on it?
sent · 666 sats 474d
Read my article, pee hole.