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Where is there a question? Looks like a statement to me.
What is this exactly saying? There are 1.77 transactions on chain for every transaction that is being traded?
You like more than Trump. And damn that is hard to do.
There was a video. It was a video on this supposed scientific evidence that Vaccinations cause autism.
Trump is not a Republican. He is a Narcissistic failed businessman who is only doing what's good for him. He will screw anybody that allows him to do so. And there are many.
It''s not an attack. It's the truth.
At what point in this video do they show scientific evidence? I watched half of it and turned ti off. Let me know at what time frame. Otherwise it's just propaganda.
Bitcoin system or Sotashi system? Bitcoin system is a peer to peer electronic cash system which is what BCH is. Sotashi system has issues.with Bottle necks. BSV will fail
You really are a dumbass moron. Trump could put shit in your drink and sell it to you as something with nutritional value. You are just a brainwashed turd.
Trump on the tube lying to the American people and fear mongering again. 2020 can't come soon enough. Throw the turd to the dogs.
Do you also know there are the fewest people crossing the border since 1971? Even Reagan in the 80's said there are better alternatives than building a wall.
Yep. Trump Trash. You don't even know what's going on. 5 Billion for a wall? LOL. You do know that's a down payment. Where's the other 30-50 billion going to come from?
Wanna bet?
Well can always add BCH. It won't kill them either. I really don't care though because I don't use Fivebucks anyway. But just making a point
BCH is going to TB blocks. Good luck with that.
Nobody is stopping you from using BCH to get the discount. Just like nobody is stopping anybody from buying BTC for store of value. It's your choice.
Nope it isn't Memo's fault. But there is too much coin bashing. It was bad enough before the split. Now it's unbearable.
Who cares?. For me Memo lost it's flair after the split. I still post but not as much. As a matter of fact, I reopened my facebook account that I had closed.
Did you pull that out of a fortune cookie? LMAO
Pretty soon Trumps Jail buddies will be kicking the shit out of him and probably other things too.
Do you remember though if they gave the BCH price at the time of the split? Or the current price at the time they decided to issue it?
Thanks for posting. It sucks. I check daily to see if those lame heads distributed our coins. When you talk about the control of banks, this feels like 10 times worse.
That's the problem with you Trump trash people. You don't even know what's really going on. You have your head so far up trumps ass.
You are a moron. The bill passed on a 100-0 vote when the senate is majority republican. Paul Ryan refused a vote because he was afraid trump would veto. That caused Gov shutdown.