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replied · 28m
Obama had a 58% approval rating when he left office. Only a wet dream for Trump to even get to 50%. Thanks for #playing
replied · 34m
Boy, if a President could run more than 2 terms, then Trump would have lost to Obama. LOL. That would have been extremely fun to watch.
replied · 56m
It was actually at 95%. Even some news about it. They must have drawn from it. Or something happened.
replied · 1h
Businesses aren't going to want to train people on how to use 15 different coins. That's why Queensland is dumping everything but Bitcoin Cash. Need to learn from the early adopters.
I really think Roger Ver needs to stop with the any coin that works and just say Bitcoin cash. Sure there may be others that work, but Queensland is a prime example. Too complicated to use many coins.
replied · 1h
Big money isn't loading up on it because not enough people are using it. BCH needs a lot more promoters like Roger Ver.
replied · 1h
That line about 2 years of doing nothing, is pretty scary actually. Amary is clearly right. BCH was 10% of Bitcoin and now only 5%.BCH should be around 1000. Declining value not good
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What would really be killer is private message. But is that even possible on this?
So they are now 95% of goal reached to the 800? Wow. Some big money came in.
replied · 18h
I will give you an example in Michigan-Clinton had a +3.6 avg. Never got above +6 on any poll. Clinton only lost by a few thousand votes. Biden currently +10.3 Highest poll +13
replied · 18h
Double Digits is a landslide.
replied · 18h
Actually they weren't. Most polls had Clinton +4 wihich was right around the margin of error. Especially the polls in the States she lost in. Biden is double digits in everything.
replied · 19h
Wow. The amount really jumped from a couple days ago.
I have donated 0.2 BCH to
What Polls is Trump leading everywhere that he keeps talking about? Even the latest Fox News Poll has Biden +10. He is just a fat ass liar that only his lame as supporters will believe.
replied · 1d
Throw CSW in jail and he will have a great story to tell all the inmates about how he is Satoshi.
Trump warns of Major Stock market crash if he loses in 2020. Great News!!!!! Everybody get ready to buy on the cheap. New Millionaires will be made.
Wouldn't that be something if BTC just started tanking and all the money was pouring into BCH? I keep thinking that is going to happen. But who knows.
replied · 1d
I really think people are getting confused thinking the amount of Litecoin will be cut in half. So it becomes more rare. Because that's what halving sounds like. But that's not it.
replied · 1d
Litecoin Halving?LOL. Who cares? They keep pumping that like ti's something. the miners get 12 coins instead of 25 for a reward. Big deal. It has nothing to do with anything.
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Hey Mr Ed, You a lying ass horse. Of course Of course.
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Jimmy Nguyen sounds as legit as this. Car salesman pump scam all the way.