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Avnet accepting Bitpay is more evidence that Bitpay will be the adopted application. Now 2 big giants accepting Bitpay, the other being Dish Network. Good times ahead for BCH supporters.
What happened to ABC memo? Was that terminated?
Anybody know when Nuetrino wallet will be available for IOS? That wallet looks awesome. Can't wait to get that one. But currently only available for Android.
Good News. Bovada finally added BCH back.
Is this something to ponder? After 10 years the BTC community who just wants a "Store of Value" and a quick buck is larger than the community who wants Economic Freedom to the world? What is that telling us?
Why is it that litecoin continues to post B.S news and the price jumps on it. And any BCH news that is real, the price doesn't move? I got to say though that split has really got BCH stuck in the mud.
It took 7 days to get to the high 150's from 120 and not even 1 day to drop it all the way back to square 1. And time marches on.
Why does BCH look like it's the one with 80 million coins when it moves up and then pulls back like the normal 17 million? It always seems it's dips are a lot bigger than the other coins. Manipulation?
How many years will it really take for BCH to become adopted? The market cap is a joke. Marco Coino is a joke. There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S alone. Adding 2 a day isn't going to cut it.
Coinbase finally released BSV coins. you can send them to another wallet, but Cash out is not available yet.
Ether price is now higher than BCH. People are stupid and BCH is clearly super cheap right now. Buy them up before the market figures out what's going on.
Where is the crypto world really when Litecoin can take the 4th spot based on some corny bogus Mimble Wimble news? Another one of Charlie Lee's bogus pump and dumps. Nothing new.
Bitcoin Cash notes are now available for purchase. Kind of pricey at about 4.00 a pop, but they say as more people buy the price will come down. I bought 5 myself to check them out.
Marco Coino has been kind of dead the last few weeks. Kind of disappointing. Hopefully it's just because businesses are not adding their business to the app.
Did coinbase forget they owe some people some BSV coins? There hasn't been an update on anything since Nov 26th. Getting tired of waiting. This is ridiculous.
Trump is not a Republican. He is a Narcissistic failed businessman who is only doing what's good for him. He will screw anybody that allows him to do so. And there are many.
Trump on the tube lying to the American people and fear mongering again. 2020 can't come soon enough. Throw the turd to the dogs.
Bitcoin Cash mining showcased at the Houston Rockets game. and ACD(Alliance Cargo Direct) teamed up to launch payments with Bitcoin Cash. And Adoption continues
Etro not supporting BSV but giving BCH holders 92.00 in Fiat per BCH coin they held on Nov 15th. BSV going to have a very long road if it ever becomes adopted. Not for me.
I think Trump shutting down the government just killed the rally. Dow fell 650 points. Since all crypto is still speculation it will more than likely tank with other markets.
Satoshi Vision is the absolute worst name for a coin. I couldn't imagine Microsoft being called Gates Vision or Apple being called Jobs Vision. Bitcoin Cash way better than Satoshi Vision.
BCH volume now second to BTC on Binance. Looking pretty good.
BCH starting to seperate itself from BSV. Wait until coinbase allows BSV selling. It's going to get ugly for BSV