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If his wife gave him permission to sleep with someone else, then his marriage is already F*cked up. LOL. might be a good place for a graphic designer.
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Which BCH wallet do you use?
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You just proved that's not true using BCH posting on Memo.
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Well looks like another bad call.
Trump will call that fake news.
Just go to this website. It seems pretty easy to make.
Clinton isn't going to jail because Trump didn't hire her.
I doubt that will happen any time soon. Yeah the High fees are corrected with BCH, but the volatility is still there.
The correct answer to someone asking about bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Tell them to put 5.00 in each wallet and spend them and let them decide.
I don't know why the debates continue. BTC is store of value. BCH you can spend as cash. They are trying to debate different things. I say drop the debates. I don't think it's helping anybody.
Tone Vays got shit on. Like a big ass eagle came along and shit on his head.
How many paper towels can Trump throw in a day?.
No your comments show you haven't done any research of plastic guns other than 1 youtube video. And I doubt the prices will come down. They will never be a common household use item.
Bitpay is back up in the google store.
Sounds like you are a douche. Do you own a clean stream? High end printers work better, but the average person couldn't afford it, and it's cheaper to just go buy a gun.
Are you going to believe a politician or a scientist?
Experts say there is a better chance that it blows up in your hand than hitting your target.
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He has already tweeted there is no split. Even called Coinex a fraud for an email about split. I wouldn't listen to other sources.
Nike Closes at all time High 83.47 LMAO

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What was Nike thinking?

3:56 AM - 7 Sep 2018
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Yep either you are for a Bigot, Racist, Narcissist, Pathological liar, or you are a liberal. Since that's my only two choices, consider me a Liberal you F*cking Moron.
Yep made for a good trade, but it's still down 19% for the month far worse than the other 3 on Coinbase.
Trump tweets the Hurricane is growing in strength. The reality is it was downgraded from 4 to 2. That's his second lie of the day so far. Again he lies around 8 times a day . He is a pathological liar.