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replied · 30m
If you mean Roger Ver isn't the CEO anymore. He is executive Chairman. Stephen Rust is the CEO.
replied · 42m
That's old news. He was back months ago when they announced the news about Building the biggest mining facility in the world in Texas.
· 10h
LMAO. Fake Advertising.
replied · 10h
i guarantee 100% none of my girlfriends new each other.
replied · 10h
The reality is people change. They get new interests. You used to have things in common and now you don't That's why relationships fail. Forget counseling. Find someone new.
replied · 11h
Probably with Colonel Mustard or Professor Plum
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IF BCH starts to run big, will BTC maximalists panic and switch to BCH?
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replied · 13h
Thanks. I firmly believe no matter what path you choose, in the end fate is your ultimate destiny .
replied · 13h
It's a planet in our solar system. I think we are on it. LOL. Just kidding. I think it's some sort of Chinese software company
· 13h · Daily Bitcoin Cash NEWS!!!!
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replied · 15h
It's sad because Steve was like a second dad to me, and Brian had just gotten his Pharmaceutical license and was leaving in two weeks.
replied · 15h
Yeah tell them Asians they have to exchange for dollars. LOL I will start the clock on how long you will be arguing.
replied · 15h
replied · 15h
I will also add I used to work for a convenience store. My boss and another employee were shot and killed during a robbery. I used to work that shift and switched to the morning.
replied · 15h
I'm willing to invest in Mike based on his survival skills.
replied · 15h
Thanks, but I don't know if it is skill or just plain luck. LOL
replied · 15h
What about it?
· 16h
What happens when tourists start coming to the U.S with BCH and can't spend it? US will be forced to have more crypto friendly laws. They want tourists to spend.
replied · 16h
If you don't have it, you will live forever. I survived a totaled car wreck, a house fire, and cancer. Give me a lot of money and then we will see what happens. LOL
replied · 17h
Ga Ga Goo Goo
replied · 17h
I wonder if PSA would grade Bitcoin Cash notes. LOL
· 21h
SLP tokens will make #BitcoinCash the best peer-to-peer cash system.

Many exciting projects in the works!
· 17h
These are too pretty to even open.
replied · 17h