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Yep, lightning network was supposed to be for faster transactions. Wormhole is for smart contracts. Bitcoin Faucet is a douche. Every post is FUD.
Um that's million not billion. If it was over 100 billion it would have been #2 behind BTC if not #1.
Will be up this week. SV will never be up.
BCH is a peer to peer electronic cash system which is the definition of Bitcoin.
That didn't answer my question. But it says they pay out to all holders regardless how many tokens they hold. It may not even be a penny. Because you get the same buying 1 token or 100
What's the profit and how many people are holding?
No. This is what you said. "Dividends of around 30% for Nexo token Holders."
Walk into any of the 500 listings on Marco coino and ask them if the accept ABC. They won't know WTF you are talking about. But if you ask them if the accept BCH, they will say of course.
I don't see an ABC option either because it's BCH.
If you read that correctly, everybody is sharing 30% of their profits, not getting a 30% dividend. If the profit was 100,00 and 100 people share 30.00, they are only getting .30.
Yep. So it comes down to whatever coin gets adopted. Having the term "Altcoin" doesn't mean sh*t.
The definition of Bitcoin is A PEER TO PEER ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM. The definition of Bitcoin is not "THE SATOSHI WHITE PAPER". if BTC was still a PTPECS then it would still be considered bitcoin.
If chooses BSV, the protocol will still live on in BCH but under different management and hosted in a different domain. Work is already underway.
Shit Version is not the real bitcoin.
So you can send bch from to Centbee?
They are backing BCH which has a whole economic system behind it. Many merchants already using it compared to SV that has nothing. There is no Consequence.
Yeah great. You are right. SV doesn't need any companies. It will trade at 0 forever. Or at least until CA and CSW are BK.
Let me know when SV has 5 companies that doesn't have CSW's money behind it.
30% dividends? Yeah right. Somebody is smokin something.
BCH will never go to zero. So have fun.
Again you ignore the facts. If it makes you feel better.
Yeah you talk the future. You will always be talking the future. BCH will be at the finish line and SV will be running the infinitive race as the price drops lower and lower.
BCH 250. SV 40 Thanks for trying.
Nice quote. Still can't think for yourself huh?
Nope. I am here to battle the fud. Such as like morons calling BCH-> ABC