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listed 21,000,000 JOLLYROGERCASH for 210,000,000 satoshis (10 each) 85d

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Dr.Zeshan 1NBXBA
Still hodling.. Diamond hands.
bought 1,200 🍞 for 9,600 satoshis (8 each) from 339d
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listed 2,540,287,220 BUTT for 635,071,805 satoshis (0.25 each) 339d

listed 100 BTCMYK for 900 satoshis (9 each) SOLD 339d

I'm long on Bybit right now holding to post halving ATH in this cycle. Looking for 5x previous high.

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Haha - Who is sending me all these random highly questionable coins? Just noticed them. Firstly thank you, secondly any with value will be donated to a worthy cause.
T minus 11 days till Bitcoin halving.

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If you don't know, now you know. #HXRO

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I <3 BitMEX. Use up to 20x leverage trading #BCH :
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World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups
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