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Is there anyone here wants to help me out to buy some food? Im really starving right now honestly speaking 😕
replied 66d
Unusual Uther
its okay if i dont have star yet but im, still hoping to get 1bch from sir unusual and i promise to pay forward the 0.2 bch to others who needs help hehehehe
replied 66d
Unusual Uther
Ah okay sir
replied 66d
Unusual Uther
if you dont get a star sir meaning you cannot received any rewards?
replied 69d
Speaking of food supplies sir can i ask some sats to buy please
voted Yes 69d
Unusual Uther
created poll 69d
Do you want to see pictures of aliens?
Yes 58 votes · 76,686 satoshis
No 12 votes · 2,110 satoshis


replied 70d
Unusual Uther
voted Down 3,197 sat 70d
Unusual Uther
created poll 70d
After the halving...
Will BTC domminance go up or down from its current level of 66%?
Up 20 votes · 2,555 satoshis
Down 33 votes · 4,420 satoshis
It will stay at 66% 5 votes · 0 satoshis
Not sure 1 votes · 555 satoshis


replied 70d
I wonder why they keep pushing CCP..it must be stopped
replied 75d
voted No 78d
Unusual Uther
created poll 78d
Do you eat micrawavable meals sometimes?
Yes 60 votes · 8,804 satoshis
No 29 votes · 11,345 satoshis


replied 80d
Unusual Uther
Can i still send later sir? Or its the end of chicken madness?
replied 81d
Sir am i late?

My chicken really need a food https://imgur.com/a/7auQyEY
replied 85d
Unusual Uther
You too sir stay healthy and safe always
sent 1,003,000 HONK to
replied 87d
oh thanks :)
sent 1,003,000 HONK to 87d
listed 1,003,000 HONK for 290,870 satoshis (0.29 each) CANCELLED 87d

listed 1,003,000 HONK for 300,900 satoshis (0.3 each) CANCELLED 87d

need to refill some sats so i can sell my tokens damn hahahaha
replied 88d
Unusual Uther
Thanks sir i bought half kilo of lechon baboy from the sats you gve to me..i dont know the english of it but its a famous food in our country especially for occassions 😂
replied 88d
Unusual Uther
replied 89d
Unusual Uther
Okay sir i will send a pictute tommorrow..thank you for the help sir god bless
replied 90d
Unusual Uther
Sir can i ask a favor also? Can you send me sats for foos please 🙏
replied 92d
He is the one that will let us aboard in the ark to save us from drowning