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My favorite thing that happened in 2020 is when i met you sir and always get blessed by you in so many ways
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thank you sir uther <3
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Hi sir can you help my grandma there house is destroyed due to typhoon its not our house but any help will goto my grandma and will be very much appreciated
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sir uther notice me pls
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Hello sir you forgot again my contents ;/ i posted it earlier and waiting for you to notice but you forgot me again
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Do you think people have a third eye in their brain?
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sir i also post my contents and hope you will notice it
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Sir did i just missed your amazing tips every friday?
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What is that for?
0.031 bch more to go 🙏🙏🙏
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Thank you so much Uther my friend youve been always good to me.. May god bless you more 😊
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Do you think dreams come true sometimes?
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Thank you sir
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Sir why you haven't notice my posts in here :(