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Out of sats again 😕😕😕
replied 55d
Thats a lot of shifts to work for a person but i think there is a good reason why took that job
sent 25,000 CLC to 57d
listed 25,000 CLC for 300,000 satoshis (12 each) 57d

bought 100 BTCMYK for 120,000 satoshis (1,200 each) from 57d
listed 100 BTCMYK for 120,000 satoshis (1,200 each) SOLD 63d

listed 1,000 MCOST for 1,500,000 satoshis (1,500 each) 63d

replied 63d
Its not just for something else i think there is a trading competition in bitcoin.com exchange if im not mistaken 😂
replied 63d
As long as i get some sats for exchanging 😊
replied 64d
I can wait hehe
Good evening #memo can anyone hook me up with 500k sats i want to trade in bitcoin.com exchange 😊
voted Yes 2,352 sat 72d
Unusual Uther
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Have you ever seen an illusion?
Yes 17 votes · 1,110 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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replied 87d
tnx sir uther god bless you always
replied 87d
Unusual Uther
i already send a pictures of our fridge sir hope you can help me out so i can buy food..please and thank you in advanced sir
replied 87d
Unusual Uther

replied 87d
Unusual Uther
Yes i can send a pictures of whats left in our stocks of foods to prove that i really need help
replied 87d
Unusual Uther
Sir uther sorry if i ask too much but can you please help me out to buy some food please
replied 89d
Are you in the east coast sir? Please be safe