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· 17d · Bitcoin Cash
Crypto Investment Group Grayscale Releases Bitcoin Cash Primer https://news.bitcoin.com/crypto-investment-group-grayscale-releases-bitcoin-cash-primer/
· 1d
I am feeling more positive then ever about memo.cash, I think it will eventually become the center of conversation for anything crypto. But we need a P2P app so we can still memo if site is down.
· 1d
hey from france
· 1d · memo
One simple addition that could spur memo adoption:

The more websites that add it, the more is shared, the more discussion, the more new websites will want to add it.
· 1d · Member
The Member reddit theme is 9K in size. Amazing how much you can do with CSS with so few rules.
· 1d
THIS is how you promote memo.cash

· 1d · Linux
Steam play enables lots of games in Linux, is amazing! Now playing Path of Exile.
· 24d
Now just to sit back and wait for lambo.
· 24d
Down goes crypto...the biggest whales have left...
$6200-$6800 next level ,then steady the ship, a fake pump or two up to $7700...then down again ....alot.
Simon Van Gelder
· 24d
Was bored working last night and hacked together a Memo TV/Music aggregator:


Post a youtu.be link to the Music (or any) topic on memo.cash to add to that playlist.

Happy hacking.
replied · 24d
Dash is just another pathetic shitcoin.

It's a bitcoin clone with an in-built pyramid scheme.
replied · 24d
· 24d
falled scambait
· 24d
Hello! https://fixedfloat.com is an instant, fully automatic cryptocurrency exchange with Lightning Network. With us, you can exchange BTC and other cryptocurrencies in a few clicks. No registration. No hassle.
· 24d
Conversation that I recently had w/ Peter Ryan of CoinSpice. 🌶

· 27d
Another #REKT day for my greedy fucktard frens...

Notice how memo (and other crypto forum) activity goes down with the price...
· 27d

#Wikileaks #JulianAssange
replied · 32d
Pollution stinks... We need to ban pollution.
replied · 32d
Unusual Uther
Oh boy were as powerful as a meteor shower. 😇😇😇
Unusual Uther
replied · 32d
Of all species that have existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct. Many of them perished in five cataclysmic events. This will be like the sixth mass extinction.
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BCH price rising again! Will BCH price reach $500 again in the following 2 months before Nov, 2019 hard fork?
Yes😁 11 votes · 6,599 satoshis
No😭 3 votes · 3,000 satoshis
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when € crash?
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· 35d · Favorite Quotes
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise." - Voltaire
· 34d · #911Truth
· 34d · #911Truth
9/11 basically removed all the breaks restricting the surveillance state.