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209d · odysee
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Which government spreads "good information" and which government spreads "disinformation"?

You say "foreign" as if everyone lives under the same government.
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If checking on someone browsing history and making of fun of that is a "spy".
Then damn son, we got about 2 billion spies running around.
Sorry that metric doesn't really hold for me
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I'm giving BCH to Spies? What Spies MI6? FBI?
Who is the spy? N00b? GiggleStick? Naomi Brockwell?Joel Valenzuela?

And how do you know they're spies and how do I know you're not a spy
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If this is my Alt, What is my main account?

I talk with everyone, Male, Female, Transgenders, Homos, Feds, Anarchists.
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There is a lot of money being poured in to bAttLinG miSinfOrmAtioN, I didn't know where it would end up.

Until I saw you.
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Honestly How much do they pay you to just sticking around here.
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Van Iudex naar de Klokkenluiders!
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I never got nuffin from noise 😔
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I'm not saying to follow my example, but "A wise man lives as long as he ought, not as long as he can" - Seneca.

In short not really and if it's fated to be, it is what it is.
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People will type "dislike" and that will be the new "dislike" button.
There is no way to stop discontent, once it's there.
It is either revealed and relieved or it will fester.
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Correct but Meta Originally means to "think outside of the game" or something along the lines of "the thing behind the thing" it becomes mostly clear when dealing with META-physics.
voted I only see what people I follow tweet and retweet (latest tweets show up as they happen) 248d
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Do you use Twitter the old way or do you trust the Algorithm?
I trust the Algorithm to show me stuff based on the people I follow (top tweets first) 1 votes · 0 satoshis
I only see what people I follow tweet and retweet (latest tweets show up as they happen) 2 votes · 0 satoshis
I don't use Twitter, go to hell Jack :) 2 votes · 0 satoshis


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This year, pay close attention to what people are opting out of:
-Government schools
-Government money
-Government protection
-Government healthcare

If you're seeing the silent revolution unfold before our eyes!
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Comment was a bit to small

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Apparently if you make a post here, you can see it appear on TX street!
That's awesome.
Would Memo to shift it's operations over to SmartBCH and would that improve UX?

Something I was wondering, if that could be beneficial for all parties involved.
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I was wondering when you would show up.
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"His condition would've been worse if he'd been unvaxed."


If you don't know about this poll yet and you happen to have twitter.

Give BCH some love and vote!
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I guess the best on the ground view of what is going on, is following yemini.

Personally I don't endorse the guy entirely, but he has done some good work.