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747d · US Politics/Trump
That video if it ever goes viral or hits prime time will wake a lot people for sure.
767d · Capitalism
Marx was talking over too. But then logic squashed it. Only @LightRider remains now.
775d · Is memo basically a gift to miners?
This is the very principle of bitcoin. The greediness of the miners ensures its security and growth.
It looks like $1000 wants to hold...
780d · US Politics/Trump
created poll 780d
I wonder what the results of this will be?
Memo 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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784d · memo
Updates look great. Any word on when we will get timestamp on posts Example "Posted (2 hours ago)"
Woh!! when did we get notifications. I was gone for 2 days and the site grows by leaps and bounds.
@memo UI Updates look great. Looks like someone was working hard over the weekend. Well done!
Best thing you will see on the internet all day. Guaranteed.
787d · Capitalism
User name checks out. Timing of quote how ever is questionable.
787d · Capitalism
We will be surprised by all the capitalist activity that is generated by BCH?
788d · Memo Suggestions
I would love for posts to give time since posted Example (posted 2 hours ago)
So whats ChainLink?
790d · Upgrade
watching https://txhighway.com right now is fun.
Now I have 207 characters to tell all those BTC coreans they suck and tell all the flat Earthers to STFU and to tell all those Marxist that capitalism is the best form of government What a time to be alive!
Sweet glorious character count! I want to just keep typing to fill the space allowed because why not. BCH is best. BTC Core is going down. Long live BCH. Long live memo. Thank you for all of your hard work
Me waiting for the upgrade.
3 More blocks till upgrade!
793d · Marx
90% of users consume content with out producing any of it.
793d · Marx
1% produced it. Much like 1% of users produce 90% of online content
793d · Marx
Capitalism is explicitly the difference of production vs consumption
794d · Marx