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Dividing a program into functions is handy when it comes to debugging. Once you comment out a function call or two, it becomes far easier to identify bugs and fix them. Printing out variables helps, too. #MondayMemo
13d · Ideas to improve our lives
If you find yourself frequently misplacing items and discovering them when and where you least expect them, then it's a sign you need to organize (better). #MondayMemo
20d · Ideas to improve our lives
Choose your friends wisely, for bad company can be worse than no company at all. Mutual respect is necessary for friendship, otherwise it cannot last. #MondayMemo
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"You are a treasure!"
26d · MGTOW
A sheet for childs, in Hungary.
Select your gender: male figure is a crippled sad face
female figure is happy and smiling
27d · Ideas to improve our lives
Mastering self-discipline is an honorable goal in a world where people are encouraged to consume continually. Such become slaves not just to others, but themselves. #MondayMemo
27d · Ideas to improve our lives
Even the longest journey can be achieved if you master self-discipline.
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True. Similarly, one's reputation is easier undone than done; to paraphrase a saying I've heard, all it takes is five minutes to undo what took you years to build.
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That any deed is easier done than undone
is easier to keep in mind by the simple habit of
comparing the costs and benefits of each path.
34d · Ideas to improve our lives
Think twice before you do something. It's easier said than done, but learning this skill will help you avoid having past actions haunt you in the future. #MondayMemo
The BLM movement might be the lamest psyop of our era, trying to continue the tradition of seeding racial hatred and division.

Association is an excellent retard tag.
41d · Linux
When purchasing hardware, one criterion you must consider is Linux support. Manufacturers will usually not advertise it, so you must do some research online. #MondayMemo
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On a related note, for those of you who desire the NeXTSTEP look and feel on Linux, I recommend Window Maker as a suitable window manager.
45d · Linux
NeXT laptop with their NeXT OS environment #linux #unix #operatingsystems
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48d · Capitalism
when you expect to be some kind of leader with your gender studies degree, but you end up flipping the burgers

A good program starts with a strong foundation, and there are various ways to do so. For example, you can separate code performing individual tasks into functions and group related variables in structures. #MondayMemo
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Good luck! Just curious, though, why is the number of frames per second so low despite the processor being a hexacore one? The resolution isn't even that high as well.
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i am implementing a new real time raytracer
I find that programming is best learned through a hands-on approach. Understanding and formulating algorithms are skills that are refined by implementing them, and that means writing numerous programs. #MondayMemo
62d · Ideas to improve our lives
Habits, good or bad, can be hard to break. When dealing with the latter, it helps to replace them with good ones gradually. #MondayMemo
69d · Ideas to improve our lives
There's a good saying I know of concerning health; it can be translated as "better to prevent than to treat". #MondayMemo
I will never understand why some Bitcoiners are willing to grovel at a certain fantasy writer's feet. The power of greed never ceases to amaze me. She isn't going to buy your bags, people! #MondayMemo
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For a moment I thought you were referring to Jeff Bezos.
How o get a boomer into crypto who sells books