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replied · 54d
This is great advice. And in fact I've been thinking about it.
replied · 55d
I agree. But I am in this impasse, I don't know who to trust to help me build my project. But, I know that alone I'll not do anything.
replied · 55d
I confess that I did not quite understand what you wanted to say, what does facebook have to do with what I said?
· 55d
What to do when you have a good technological idea but do not understand programming at all? Tell someone who understands and runs the risk of the idea being stolen or start learning programming and building alone?
replied · 188d
** Correcting: Best wallet
· 188d
I recently started using the enjin wallet. For me the best portfolio, enjin technology is very interesting, it involves more practicality regarding QR codes. Someone knows?
replied · 190d
I understand.
· 191d
Amaury Sechet, developer of Bitcoin Cash, said on Twitter to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. What do you think about this? #bitcoincash #memo
· 199d
I begin to realize that the memo is a social network for cryptolovers. I only see conversations about it. It's not a criticism, it's just a perception I'm sharing with you.
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· 200d
I'm trying to get accustomed to the Memo interface, although it sounds like twitter, it still seems very different to me, I get lost easily in the conversations. #memo
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replied · 200d
Great song, thanks for sharing!
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replied · 201d
Okay, I really enjoyed it and I'll listen.
· 201d
Earlier I asked for music suggestions, here is my indication:
replied · 201d
A classic, very good!
replied · 201d
Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings
replied · 201d
I really enjoyed this song, thank you.
replied · 201d
And frankly, whatever it was, this conversation became tiresome. Good luck in your life.
replied · 201d
First, the internet did not steal my education; Second, if you reread the conversation, you will notice that he did not just say that.
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replied · 201d
A favor? Seriously? Would not there be a nicer way to do me a favor? I do not need favors like that.