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Free markets, free minds and incorruptible money.


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@DarkspaceCEO, is the assertion based on a conjecture that our planet was among the first to enjoy earth-like conditions. Personally I tend to believe that the great filter is behind us.
LR really jumping the shark here. (Seriously, get help.) Will be ignoring going forward. He/she/it can keep foaming at the mouth in isolation. Molon labe, I'm out.
@DarkspaceCEO That's the first I've heard someone assert that we are likely the first and there is no filter. How do ya figure?
LR is not a shill, he's just an intellectually stunted useful idiot zeitgeister who gloms onto the laziest ideologies. No brain no job. just another leftist NPC
You don't need to time the market in order to make consistent
Those who demonize money are just as deluded as those who worship it. Two sides of the same poorly adjusted coin.
Demonizing money is silly. Like demonizing the internet because "we could just talk to each other in real life" No, money is an amazing emergent tool that makes civilization possible.
Money is not worthless, it is a tool for propagating essential price signals across the economy. Your think even a socialist on a BCH forum would understand that.
@Dogeman can you give us your preferred definition of "capitalism?"
Once you get on the tiger, it is difficult to get off. 骑虎难下
Yes, in China it is all the economy. The economy is the new Mandate of Heaven. If it stops raining, the emperor is gonna get shanked.
Yes, they are ahead of the curve in terms of surveillance and political repression in the same way Japan was ahead of the curve in terms of interest rate and social repression back in the 90s
Yeah, the average person still trusts the government, because not understanding history or econ why wouldn't you when on paper they have made you rich? That trust is very conditional though.
Yeah, the west is in trouble but compared to China it is still incredibly free. There is no 4chan in China except in a very dusty corner of the dark net. =)
My guess is it will be a dud, but maybe that's just my personal optimism talking.
Haha, that's a good way of putting it. A totalitarian Manhattan project. We'll probably get to see how well it performs in the field in the not to distant future. 🍿🍿🍿
Can't trust polls or media here at all. People will respond to questions in public in the way they believe is politically correct. In private you often hear a different story.
Yeah, they are definitely getting prepared to try and whether the storm. The behavior controls are just going to get tighter and tighter. Surveillance is insane.
I don't think so. Most of the the younger people here don't buy the Japanese Devil garbage. That is one area where the government is very out of touch. Big generation gap.
Some people think they will just declare marital law, etc. but if the economy really is in the toilet I doubt they will be able to contain a mass incident like they did with Tiananmen.
closer they get to what they call a "mass incident." /2
Yeah, I just don't see them as competent managers. They are just problem - reaction - solution. Same as every other government. They have bottomless pockets, but the more they use them the /1
There's just not much potential for economic development in those regions, they have historically been very poor for a reason. No seaports, no good farmland, very isolated and peculiar climates
You'd have to pay most Han a pretty penny to voluntarily relocate to Tibet or Xinjiang even lower class people don't want to go there. The infrastructure pales in comparison to the coast.