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Irene Kruhlytska born on Sept 27th, 2018 at 1138am in Toronto, Canada. Female Child, 3490grams, 50cm long.
Evil is everywhere, it's in our money system and in our family. Don't ignore evil, when you see it make sure you take action against it. More... http://yurishevchouk.com/when-you-see-hear-feel-evil-don-t-brush-it-off
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Don't ever do what the other masses are doing, always try to swim up current to find the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Check out my site for a summary... http://yurishevchouk.com/don-t-do-what-everyone-else-does
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661d · US Politics/Trump
3 phases of #Communism
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This is why BCH will take the lead in mass adoption of crypto currency and btc will be just a shameful puddle of useless Core tears.
Bitcoin Cash really is the BETTER Bitcoin BCH PLS!
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674d · Memo Suggestions
does this make sense? an option for new users to watch a short sponsored video ad in exchange for a tiny top-up of BCH to their memo account - enough to be able to make several posts
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btw there are definitely core trolls here too
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I agree
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this is a great project!
703d · Venezuela
Dash is getting big in Venezuela.
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691d · Making Money
where are u from Alberto?
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691d · Making Money
I need a work online, I speak english and spanish, I am publicist and marketer, avid writer, does anybody knows a website where I can work or invest and earn at least 5 dollars a day?
692d · Colored Coins
I'm really interested in this, thinking of making some new coins tied to BCH.
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Thanks for this
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Nice job on the videos, Thanks for doing this :)