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Only one day left. Please help building better Bitcoin Cash.

Such as double spend proof.
Qigong vs MMA
Dragon boat festival in Tainan, Taiwan
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Is it possible to link the images or files uploaded in in the future update?
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And "social media on chain" is on BCH road-map. This functionality should be maintained.
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Unlike BSV chain, I never uploaded any files to BCH chain. BCH chain is not for file storage. However, putting "message" on chain is allowed when OP_return was introduced.
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Of course, It's not prioritized action. However, it should be decided by miners, not a few of people. If miners included theses "wasteful actions". It's not spam for sure, too.
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They are so retarded that prefer wasting huge PoW but not using little disk space. So ridiculous.
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It's nice to meet a true Bitcoiner.
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His logic is totally inverted. Storage cost is the most cheap part in BCH network. More actions means more economical with the same PoW energy cost.
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It's wasteful if these PoW can't perform more actions. Limited actions with the tremendous PoW is really wasteful like BTC. It shouldn't be happened in BCH, and it's more economical.
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$DNT just works.
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I gave you some Emogi tokens.
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In fact, you can use the same name. Only Token ID is unique.
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Appreciate for your hardworking. This protocol looks better every week.
In a system view, ETH is transacting with CPU model. BCH is transacting with ASIC model. ASIC will win with higher throughput.
Apparently, Bitcoin Cash is the only coin which has the potential to global adoption, without sacrificing decentralization and usability. And, no need to wait for fancy technology that is years away.
A cute horse
The seashore drift woods regained life.

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Thank you. It's in my city, Tainan, Taiwan.
Barclay Memorial Park:

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Make milk tea by yourself.