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"That's because BCH is the real Bitcoin :P"
it is becoming clear that planned semi-anual upgrades is not the way forward, so stress testing should prob. not be tied to them.
I will be handing out Cryptotip like wohooo
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I want to see how many people currently use Memo on a day to day basis. Stats page only shows total users. So with that in mind, how often do you visit Memo?
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I thought it can be done with bitdb and I got this query from @Satchmo: (1423)
Stress test was user organized, developers did not take active role in it. Last minute, jtoomim tried to organize some sort of data collection. Hope next test will be more organized.
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Is @memo ready for the "fake" likes/votes flood?
posted · 5 days ago in bitdb
Bitdb dedicated topic. More info:
posted · 5 days ago in memo
More than 100k posts on memo! -> Total Posts 100,065
A warning to people developing for the mass market walled gardens.
Compromise for the sake of compromise is whats bad. If a compromise means you taking just a 'little' meth instead of a lot of meth then it's not a positive thing.
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· 14 days ago
Compromise is never a good option, unless your initial goal is "compromise"
A) Not all of those are Developers, they're BU Members.
B) This is BU, one implementation of BCH.
You are right. I don't think this vote matters anyway.
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· 14 days ago
Prediction: Coingeek/nchain will orphan any block containing tx with CHECKDATASIG CDSVERIFY
BCH devs vote to enable CHECKDATASIG CDSVERIFY (18 vote pro, 10 con):
BCH devs categorically SHUT DOWN Cannonical transaction ordering (CTOR) 22 votes to 5 (81,48% to 18,52%):
BCH dev vote to enable old op_codes (18 votes pro, 9 con or 70,4% to 29,6%):
...BashCo has bought 25 before, each VPS costs around 20 dollars. BashCo contacted a marketing firm to buy 50 more VP's (Voting Power Systems). I may or may not be in this firm.
BashCo attempting to buy vote power systems to manipulate votes: We receive Bitcoins using a main address: 3AodRLATu89QunCNn8spTZGWRAUALUsK6u
...This is just a warning to not trust everything you see. VPS is a redherring code word for Vote Power Systems (vote bots). Live vote manipulation at
And some are already doing it not just discussing it
They shot themselves in the foot. They were accusing us of already using bots, then they post a screenshot that proves we weren't.
You guys didn't help yourself with discussing bot usage. Now you are forever deemed to be known as the bot runners, when obviously another entity doing a campaign.