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bitcoin cash abandoned satoshi's vision
satoshi was right
replied 698d
it also permits capital decrease as well through investment mistakes so i'm still unsure as to why ed would hold the beliefs he does
replied 704d
satoshi designed the protocol and from the very early days noted that scaling past visa was already possible. It is unnecessary to change the mechanisms (tx order, consensus)
replied 704d
this memo aged well
replied 704d
it hurts to read that fact
i'm antisplit on here but think SV is the way forward!
just watched your presentation tonight, thanks a lot!
replied 719d
i'm not even sure how you found your way this far
replied 719d
capitalism is the least inhumane system we have ever contemplated
replied 782d
a rising tide lifts all boats.. nearly every shitcoin and its brother went up
replied 782d
no because the whole of bitcoin is greater than the sum of its parts

when our financial system is ubiquitous we all benefit more
replied 782d
when a coin splits, the value of both the coins is less than the value pre fork
783d · Flat Earth
I do land surveying. Our total stations work assuming a flat plane and this gives us different results to GPS observations. The earth is indeed spherical. Aryabhata!
replied 794d
because that wouldn't fit the narrative :)
815d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
815d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
Now using a public block list, others in the twittersphere are automatically blocking me because i'm 'on the list'. Is anyone else having this happen?
815d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
When @Bitcoin got suspended a while back and reinstated, the account blocked eatBCH. I requested that @Bitcoin unblocked @eatBCH and I was blocked by @Bitcoin
replied 868d
replied 868d
he does have an account on here, it's a different pseudonym.. i'll try to find it
replied 868d
CSW is being a cunt
on twitter you can block or mute
block means that person can't read your post
mute means you can't read theirs.
he could be muting, not blocking..
889d · Bitcoin Cash
i spent some on purse.io and topped up!
replied 889d
have we got a chart for memo usage? i would expect a large impulse in the beginning due to excitement and then a drop off.
all we can do now is spread the word & hope giants come along
replied 937d
Please also include a rough calculation of the disk space used for an amount of transactions. Eg. 1000 transactions = $2 = 2.26mb
950d · 4chan's /biz/ - Business & Finance
"charlie and samsom was a mistake" - sayoshi nokomato
replied 962d
I just received the BCH badges to Australia - thanks!

James was here
replied 979d
i c u m8
replied 979d
Cold storage!