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i am james
james was made in the first week of memo.cash


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bitcoin cash abandoned satoshi's vision
satoshi was right
617d · Flat Earth
I do land surveying. Our total stations work assuming a flat plane and this gives us different results to GPS observations. The earth is indeed spherical. Aryabhata!
650d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
650d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
Now using a public block list, others in the twittersphere are automatically blocking me because i'm 'on the list'. Is anyone else having this happen?
650d · Blocked by Twitter? Talk about it here.
When @Bitcoin got suspended a while back and reinstated, the account blocked eatBCH. I requested that @Bitcoin unblocked @eatBCH and I was blocked by @Bitcoin
723d · Bitcoin Cash
i spent some on purse.io and topped up!
785d · 4chan's /biz/ - Business & Finance
"charlie and samsom was a mistake" - sayoshi nokomato
taking screenshots of early days memo to reflect on in the times ahead!
got blocked by an account i support, twitter is already feeling like B grade
memo is becoming an everyday website for me already!
1,000,000 satoshis to @memo when we get to post replies! anyone else?
one day we'll all look back at these times and smile