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The word FACT comes from the Latin FACTUM, which means MADE (UP). Choose your FACTS wisely.


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I was wrong in my last prediction above. The robod did dock. No pictures of the successful dock, lotsa pictures of failed dock. Pictures of the robot all from the
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This is so wrong, in at least 2 ways ;)
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Check it out, this is where you can learn about the biggest conspiracy theory in the world #QAnon.

What do you think? Read the first 100 posts, and the last 100 posts for a good start.
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· 66d · Censorship
There used to be "Goodbye Steemit" topic... Oh wait, this is immutable.
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Tx: BSV/BTC=510%
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You must mean the raspis?
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Meantime, your investments are losing value and you wonder why.

Don't @ me.
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I only post when I get memo-striken.
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Meh, bitcoin is next when they figure out how.,
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Re-memo or bust!
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Profile or bot?
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Resemblance between the video of the Apollo site, at 3:00, above, and the Obama bitth certificate video * resolution varies *
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do it
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"Create a life you don’t need a vacation from." - anon