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The word FACT comes from the Latin FACTUM, which means MADE (UP). Choose your FACTS wisely.


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Do you inject tuna directly into your brain?
You say the word "proven". Proven by whom? This is the crux of the issue. A snake oil salesman loves to use the word proven. "Proven safe and effective! Low low price of $9.95!"
Only negative is that ABC's socialist changes get activated....but these could be removed in the future and may be the price to pay to compete with BTC on a more even level. I prefer SV win
Agreed. I have memo++ but not on all browsers
Thanks for bringing it up. We're planning some changes to help with this.
I'm a bit behind on this. So, Canada legalized marijuana so they can tax it at 80%, is that bout right?
or the price could go up after the halving. i think BCH is undervalued with all the adoption going on around it, so it is also a possible scenario. is your source for anti-war news views and activities. Our site is updated constantly with original content and news from other sources detailing the warfare state.
Joe Rogan - Depression IS NOT Caused By A Chemical Imbalance In The Brain?

· 2 days ago
This guy sets a new standard in being radical honest and super genius:
Please help me guys.. I was unable to pay my university fee due to some incident in my family. I have to pay $450 for this year. I apologize to disturb this community but i am needy. Got this platform after long serch
A username for everyone?
seeing this for the first time

Zero clutter.

Difficult to keep up with #bitcoincash happenings.
Yeps, agreed. A true example of a "Useful Idiot". Maybe it was time for Tone to go down, not useful enough lately.
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· 4 days ago
I think that's for your own use, nothing sitewide or anything. I think it's meant so you can say "Yes, I know this the real Roger Ver" and have peace of mind next time you see him post
It was clearly the spite pump to rekt @ToneVays (core shill) who shorted $BTC at the bottom, with wipeout price at around $7400 ;)
posted · 3 days ago
Coinex launched many exciting pairs with USDC the best is BCH/USDC
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Who is Pumped About Seeing a Hash War ?
Yes, can’t wait to see Jihan bring over that hashpower to defend BCH! 15 votes (13 unique) · 666 satoshis
No, Jihan didn’t defend BTC. He won’t defend BCH. 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
No, we are getting split which is bad. 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
Yes, we get to sell BCH altcoins now! 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
Yes, we get SV features 10 votes (10 unique) · 2,200 satoshis

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You have it easy. Wait till they hire Matt Cutts
Hello, we are exploring social media platforms that don't participate in censorship. This account is managed by staff. Please contact us for more information.
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Introducing : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

I reduced my 4 hour instruction to people about what is Bitcoin to “It’s like money.” And when pressed further for details I respond “it’s, it’s just like money.”