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The word FACT comes from the Latin FACTUM, which means MADE (UP). Choose your FACTS wisely.


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100% BSV. Let’s compete!
CSW says he is negotiating with ATO and educating them.

Basically, they can't tax bitcoins that were never spent. Probably part of the Aus law.

I don't call this "on the run".
WTH are you talking about. Everyone with intent can track bitcoin transactions.
Reference for insertion points or they didn't happen.
That's it. Predicting the utter demise of
Thew author knows nothing about tulips. CSW is an expert on that.
Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
ABC attacked BCH by introducing changes that the vast majority of BCH hash opposed. Then they brought it mercenary hash to push these through. Pretty clear ABC was the attacker.
Yeah, I started the Chinese gov't part rumor. Give me like 2.5% of the royalties, would you?
This is good. Just add a lambo/copter/spacex chase, a few gun fights, and sell the story to the 007 franchise!
Absolutely. Investors don’t want their fortunes in experimentation tokens (ABC, ETH, etc). Go with what Satoshi built and keep platform stable.
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btc permissioned pos settlement network
bch crony capitalism eth look alike
bsv apolitical capitalism muncher
I can support this message ;)
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
I’m seeing strongest investors fighting to preserve the Bitcoin system, fiercely resisting protocol change, pushing massive blocks, selling ABC, buying BSV. If wrong, go broke.
BSV up against Jihan/Roger/Haipo/Jiang/Coinbase/Kraken/Reddit and still plowed through. That’s power!
Nobody wants savepointed spreadsheets. They thought conspiring with exchanges will bring them value. ABC failed. Rogers suckpuppet army on r/btc has no economic value either.
The Fivebucks BSV transition is complete.

- 0-conf payments are much faster (thanks to MB)
- All user balances were converted to BSV
- Withdrawals are active
Not even sure about the cash part anymore. They're making it into a gambling token
‪It's official. BSV market cap exceeds ABC!!! We did it!!! Fight for Bitcoin and you shall be rewarded!‬!!
Defend Bitcoin protocol plan established in 2008. Satoshi #1. Bitcoin could scale to visa back then. We are all same team. Later man!!
I'm not.
UnitedCorp Launches Suit against Bitmain,, Roger Ver, Kraken Bitcoin Exchange and others Alleging Hijacking of the Bitcoin Cash Network
Hey, set your terms straight, dood.