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Member.cash effect?

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Woohoo! :)
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Member is now member.cash - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
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Is it worth reaching out to someone like LBRY to try and allow iframes, or are they considered the competition?
The Wikileaks archive can be accessed directly from https://wikileaks.cash/

The archive can be downloaded via torrent: http://wikileaks.cash

Below are steps to help syndicate the archive over IPFS.
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like Member and Memo could play them or the users could download directly by searching IPFS for the hash. This is a good post from BCH dev Chris Troutner on how to store files on
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the BCH blockchain though would be hugely wasteful. What if we just used the video hashes on IPFS and stored the hashes on the BCH blockchain? It's just an idea, and then platforms
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I'm sure this has been said before but Member and Memo really need native videos. Linking to third-party sites like YouTube is still prone to censorship. Uploading the entire videos to
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How to get native videos on Member and Memo?
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🎉800,000 memo transactions🎉
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Free the markets, free the world
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Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology.

Long video but worth the time to watch.

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Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm
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Thanks for all that you're doing, this is the kind of things we need moving forward as we decentralize the world! :)
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Let me tell you where we are with Member. (Repost from Reddit)
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Many thanks to @davidshares who just acquired member.cash and redirected it. It's a very generous act and we'll be integrating it properly over the next few days.
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