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Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Official Video)
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Richard knife
hey,. its okey,. sometimes i have dreams too,. most of it are precaution for my loved ones,. haters just need to learn how to shut their mouth ifthey dont habe something nice to say.
Gosh! The cryptoverse price had a major dip recently! Kinda sad but it's fine. This is the price where I bought some of the major coins out there around when BTC is $6000. How have you been guys here in MEMO?

Audiomachine Earth Shaker Drums
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No, I didn't. We still talk. If I don't answer it is because I am busy or something.
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No, I didn't. We still talk. If I don't answer it is because I am busy or something.
Eli Monty
Hi I’m new to memo. David Hasselhoff sent me here.
Online sales will continue to rise, this is great for digital currencies.
Bitcoin Cash Activist
I get paid 2morrow and im dying to buy bch today
Ethereum isn't even on the map anymore for mining profitability, you have to live in Iceland just to mine it at profit.
When I mentioned bitcoin cash to my normie girlfriend she said
'Oh, they have it in cash form too?'
I think she was picturing some kind of paper note. Point being, I think this assumption may not be uncommon.
572d is in the top ten!
Happy new year to all my friends out there! May this year bring you everything you hope for!
Happy 70th birthday to my most lovable mom! I love you so much and wishing you more years to enjoy life just like what you do now.
I don't have much to give you but just my undying love and support!
I realize that We are here for each other and not any one else... I accept you as my peer as I hope I am yours
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Richard knife
Not worried about extreme drama. Drama free.
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Good luck on quitting smoking, if you want any advice or moral support just talk to me. I know it can be stressful to just talk to family members about it, they might not understand.
Following People here who are active trading SLP Tokens! Let's support this platform everyone.
good morning. thank u to those who tipped me with some tokens. appreciate it much😊😊 and also who bought my honk. thank you. 😊. its a good day to start.