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Today is my birthday, although with the current situation in Italy there is very little to celebrate..the only gift I really want is that everything passes quickly #FuckCOVID
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Bitcoin was made for an extreme case. Not as a safe haven for institutional investors, but as a global and universal monetary system that functions reliably even in the worst times. Bitcoin Cash's time could come soon
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You must stay at home now Georg. I'm afraid I will too, soon.
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I don't, but I risk quarantine because a colleague's wife is positive
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Among other things, I live alone and if they put me in quarantine I can't even go shopping, I saw people keep the dead at home on the bed for 36 hours here ... we are in bad shape
A colleague's wife is positive at COVID and probably he too, they closed my company and I also risk quarantine😕...The state postpones taxes, but how do I pay them if I don't work? #COVID_ITA
Here in Italy one never thinks of the homeless, in what little I can move I am trying to help buy these essentials since there is no one around and they do not even receive alms #ITALIA_COVID-19
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I hope well too
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Here since this morning there is a red zone all over Italy ... unfortunately the situation worsens also because of a good part of my fellow villagers
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The mass media are creating panic and it certainly does not help people or the economy
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As far as I remember, you don't live in the affected areas and you don't have to go into quarantine. Do you?
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thanks for the thought, however no .. I'm fine and I don't live in a red area
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Justin Sun has ruined the entire steem ecosystem
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Good person? A person who rigs a platform's vows? (Steem)
I would say that Justin Sun can be compared to CSW .... I don't know which of the two is more scammer ... boycott steem (Tron)
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Justin sun is a scammer
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Unusual Uther
So what am I supposed to do?
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Sorry xD confused
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Today in Bitcoin Cash Node we merged the revert of the "Implement miner funding features" commit from ABC (history).

Feels good man. Thanks Josh Green from Verde for the revert commit, and thanks ABC for your work.