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Memo FAQ Answers: Q. Is Memo Open Source? A.


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I think it’s basically the difference in who we follow. I see you at 27% but my account shows 40% which I guess is just a reference for my connectivity with my followers.
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If by Ranking you mean Shared Connections % then I have 40% as I follow everyone who follows me (Sooner or Later). I’ve been Following you for a while now.
What I find enlightening about Memo Commies on Reddit is they're not involved in any Communist/Socialist sub-reddits. They'd b laughed out if proposing Bitcoin (BCH) as a solution to inequality.
Personalities matter. If Marxists were z biggest promoters of BCH I would come to the conclusion Bitcoin (BCH) is a Communist movement. But that's not the reality. Memo Commies live in a Bubble.
I feel bad for Memo Commies. They think Bitcoin (BCH) is a Communist movement when all evidence points to it being a Capitalist one.
I have to agree with $LightRider here. Capitalism is defined as private ownership of the means of production. Its definition has nothing to do with Trade or Exchange. Call me out if I'm wrong.
So typical that a commie refuses 2 answer an actual argument that all the people (Capitalists) who promote Bitcoin (BCH) own the greatest amount of it & stand 2 profit the most from its success.
So are you saying this makes it not Capitalist then. Are Roger Ver and Craig Wright not Capitalists.
I just don't see how Bitcoin (BCH) which is promoted as new money by Capitalists (Roger Ver, CSW, etc.) is supposed to solve Capitalism. Memo Commies live in a bubble of their own desiign.
lol, I promise not to murder you LightRider as long as you don't try and appropriate anything that belongs to me.
Yesterday 135032-133559=1473 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈0.1%
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You'll never get a completely homogeneous group. Even in Japan there's actually three native minority groups. The trick is having a shared meta narrative so all can feel at home.
I'm not saying we ever change the name. It's just easier to explain to people as the new and improved, fixed Bitcoin. Now it's called Bitcoin Cash.
Comment made as instructed.
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What? Amaury's not a fan of the mafakin 90's. Sad 2 hear. Create your own Memo client for your favorite decade then. Sites & understand.
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No problem! Just saw your Reply Memo pop-up on Chainfeed in beautiful real-time. Hands down best companion website for enjoyable Memo usage.
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Speaking 2 efficiency of Capitalist miners who have access to best electricity rates. Luv to hear your & others opinion on this vid from where I side with.
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I think Socialists & Communists r a minority in Bitcoin (BCH) because they don't seem to understand that only elite miners (Capitalists) can profit the most. When price is down and up.
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I couldn't understand what he meant either.
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how could you defend socialism with that argument?
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How xactly do the Rich not get Richer with Proof-of-Work. They are the 1's with Capital 2 invest heavily in elite mining operations and profit off the Workers who run them. Plz xplain?