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SV memo now got the whole Bible uploaded on-chain. xD Makes me want to switch to ABC only :)
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@memo - any plans on introducing compressed memos? Brotli could be well suited for compressing text messages :)
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The Yellow Vests in France are trying to intentionally trigger a bank run by withdrawing their deposits. Spread the word :) https://bit.ly/2SKXduU
Happy New Year for all the folks that are still here on memo :)
Opera launches a version of the browser with crypto wallet supporting Ethereum
So graphene is just about making bandwidth less of a bottleneck while propagating blocks.
Minimum fee depends just on miners good will. There are miners that put free transactions in their blocks.
It constructs a message that is just enough to verify which ones do get in and calculate the missing ones.
Graphene uses the fact that each miner has most of the transactions that are contained in a new block already stored in their mempool.
Here's the menu with prices from Roots Coffeshop in Amsterdam-Zuidoost :) https://bit.ly/2HGUdcw
Andreas Antonopoulos makes a point that cryprocurriencies should fork-out if they happen to get taken over by corporations and made prone to regulations
Any resources on BCH programming you would recommend?