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What replacements are those? Also it has not been a week yet, so did you mean it will take a week?
Supporting the shitcoin of faketoshi and Calvin reflects very badly on memo...just sayin' (wink wink)
Actually, BCH showed discrepancies before the BSV dumpster fire too.
Risk. Finance.
I'm looking for feedback on a BETA of the cashual wallet. If you have android, you can try it here:
GNUNET iintegrates spyware in its core:
TALER is the spyware BNUNET is building on.
"With Taler, the receiver of any form of payment is easily identified..."
old news, I guess.
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hmm, it seems like non-enforcing of no-split-protocol will be a pain for the future-implementers of memo-protocol; what if someone with SV-coins replies to a post made with ABC-coins?
Discount on everything. The Black Friday sale we all needed!
Incase anyone is wondering, TxStreet is running BU and following the ABC chain right now.
Because Nchain bought themselves a few online trolls.
SV supporters right now:
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I think you're right. Just a matter of getting enough momentum of miners to change the setting, but it may be good to just remove the setting entirely. It seems "anti-usage".
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Trump will call that fake news.
Everyone, let’s do another stress test on 10/1. I used 1.1 BCH on last test. I’ll commit 2 BCH to this one. I’ll be using Txblaster2 and Txblaster3. How do we move forward?
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All quiet on the mempool front.
"... Nobody attacks what isn't dangerous. What's dangerous is P2P e-cash. We just proved we can scale 20x past BTC. So now the gloves are really off."