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Test needs a new house for SLP tokens!
replied · 131d
What replacements are those? Also it has not been a week yet, so did you mean it will take a week?
Supporting the shitcoin of faketoshi and Calvin reflects very badly on memo...just sayin' (wink wink)
So now that BSV is essentially on it's deathbed, should we expect it to be removed from Memo?
Actually, BCH showed discrepancies before the BSV dumpster fire too.
replied · 131d
It did, but not to this degree. Additionally there's been a weakening of correlation between Bitcoin and alts in general compared to the past (at least according to Binance).
replied · 131d
In fairness this discrepancy is probably more related to CSW shooting BSV in the head and people selling their BSV back for BCH.
Risk. Finance.
Increase your chances of being sued!
I'm looking for feedback on a BETA of the cashual wallet. If you have android, you can try it here:
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Who is the biggest imbecile of #crypto?
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So odds on Binance delisting BSV?
@memo is it possible to have embedded images open in the app instead of a browser?
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Wallets have to estimate the chance of sudden congestion (on BTC). That chance leads to overpayment. This is what Core explicitly wanted as is working as intended.