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So, is BSV dead yet?
So we doing this again? 5th of November for maximum meemeage?
Various reasons but the biggest is fear and fud.
I think you're right. Just a matter of getting enough momentum of miners to change the setting, but it may be good to just remove the setting entirely. It seems "anti-usage".
In theory this could be distributed outside of the normal upgrade cycle if it's just a node configuration.
Low points imho are good for the coin. Shakes the weak hands.
Did ya? Or did you link to a lmgtfy page.
Don't know if it could be done completely "on-chain" though.
You know what would be cool? A dislike button where when you clicked it you paid into a fund that gave new users a small amount of Satoshi to get started with.
But you didn't link to that the first time did ya.
Trump will call that fake news.
Post with link shortener?
#5 More and higher quality data needed. He and his brother plan to launch a "opt-in" metrics system to gather and publish the raw data needed to help explain node performance.
#4 A future UDP based block propogation system will likely bee needed to work around issues with TCP connections. Possibly something to add to next gen Graphene or Xthin.
#3 Graphene, Xthin etc... will likely be needed to lower propagation times. CTOR allows those protocols to be even more efficient.
#2 19.5 MB Blocks is likely where that propagation delay is "too much" based on the data from the stress test.
His (summarized by me) best points : #1 Proposes a objective measurement for "how much propogation is too much"
So 10/1 Stress Test Cancelled. Everyone back on for 11/5 ? Maximum memeage?
It's been off ever since rawpool started mining BCH. Normally the other multipools "fix it" bit that hasn't been the case so far.