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So when will we see be renamed ?
followed Tritonio
· 85 days ago
@Tritonio I think low fee transactions are backing up on BSV nodes,,24h some 1 sat/byte txs that aren't getting confirmed. Could be hurting memo(bsv)
hmm, it seems like non-enforcing of no-split-protocol will be a pain for the future-implementers of memo-protocol; what if someone with SV-coins replies to a post made with ABC-coins?
Discount on everything. The Black Friday sale we all needed!
Discount on everything. The Black Friday sale we all needed!
So forks over two chains BCH stress test on Valentine's day Feb 14th?
Incase anyone is wondering, TxStreet is running BU and following the ABC chain right now.
Because Nchain bought themselves a few online trolls.
Will there be a way in the interface to see which posts were made with which half of the fork? BCH vs. BSV?
It's good to be back.
SV supporters right now:
So, is BSV dead yet?
So we doing this again? 5th of November for maximum meemeage?
Various reasons but the biggest is fear and fud.
I think you're right. Just a matter of getting enough momentum of miners to change the setting, but it may be good to just remove the setting entirely. It seems "anti-usage".
In theory this could be distributed outside of the normal upgrade cycle if it's just a node configuration.
Low points imho are good for the coin. Shakes the weak hands.
Did ya? Or did you link to a lmgtfy page.
Don't know if it could be done completely "on-chain" though.
You know what would be cool? A dislike button where when you clicked it you paid into a fund that gave new users a small amount of Satoshi to get started with.
But you didn't link to that the first time did ya.