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So now that BSV is essentially on it's deathbed, should we expect it to be removed from Memo?
Increase your chances of being sued!
So odds on Binance delisting BSV?
@memo is it possible to have embedded images open in the app instead of a browser?
I didn't notice
Needs more charts.
So Is it safe to assume BCH is back to being a first class citizen for Memo?
So when will we see be renamed ?
@Tritonio I think low fee transactions are backing up on BSV nodes,,24h some 1 sat/byte txs that aren't getting confirmed. Could be hurting memo(bsv)
Discount on everything. The Black Friday sale we all needed!
So forks over two chains BCH stress test on Valentine's day Feb 14th?
It's good to be back.
So, is BSV dead yet?
So we doing this again? 5th of November for maximum meemeage?
Low points imho are good for the coin. Shakes the weak hands.
Don't know if it could be done completely "on-chain" though.
You know what would be cool? A dislike button where when you clicked it you paid into a fund that gave new users a small amount of Satoshi to get started with.
His (summarized by me) best points : #1 Proposes a objective measurement for "how much propogation is too much"
So 10/1 Stress Test Cancelled. Everyone back on for 11/5 ? Maximum memeage?
There is something fishy going on. Look at the DARI ( It's off by a lot.