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Did ya? Or did you link to a lmgtfy page.
Don't know if it could be done completely "on-chain" though.
You know what would be cool? A dislike button where when you clicked it you paid into a fund that gave new users a small amount of Satoshi to get started with.
But you didn't link to that the first time did ya.
Trump will call that fake news.
Post with link shortener?
#5 More and higher quality data needed. He and his brother plan to launch a "opt-in" metrics system to gather and publish the raw data needed to help explain node performance.
#4 A future UDP based block propogation system will likely bee needed to work around issues with TCP connections. Possibly something to add to next gen Graphene or Xthin.
#3 Graphene, Xthin etc... will likely be needed to lower propagation times. CTOR allows those protocols to be even more efficient.
#2 19.5 MB Blocks is likely where that propagation delay is "too much" based on the data from the stress test.
His (summarized by me) best points : #1 Proposes a objective measurement for "how much propogation is too much"
So 10/1 Stress Test Cancelled. Everyone back on for 11/5 ? Maximum memeage?
It's been off ever since rawpool started mining BCH. Normally the other multipools "fix it" bit that hasn't been the case so far.
There is something fishy going on. Look at the DARI ( It's off by a lot.
settles it. Stress test on 10/1
> 2BCH Well I guess that
Everyone, let’s do another stress test on 10/1. I used 1.1 BCH on last test. I’ll commit 2 BCH to this one. I’ll be using Txblaster2 and Txblaster3. How do we move forward?
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