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satoshi's TRUE vision
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https://spedn.cc - buy anything with Bitcoin Cash.
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I'm looking to spend BCH on the internet. Know any vendors who take BCH, and preferably don't convert to USD?
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SLP usage is growing a lot. Now a little over 7000 transactions today.
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ok! I bought shampoo!
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you can buy shampoo and stuff from Shiny Leaf
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Let me know where I should spend my BCH today! I'll buy some stuff on the internet on your recommendations.
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Been playing around, just created my first token to see how it's done, and checked out the new dividend payment system. Really neat actually.
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I like the way you spell "Our world is fucked up".
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ismikekomaranskydead.com has now sent over 53,000 transactions, confirming (immutably!) the fact that I'm still alive. It has cost me about 0.16 BCH thus far.
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Today the price of BCH is $223 and the president of the USA is Donald Trump.
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The cost of writing a memo is less than a penny. What will the future cost of uploading a thought to a blockchain be hundred years from now? Hopefully less than a penny!
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