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hell yeah brother!
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The @Bitcoin handle on Twitter is changing owners and all historical tweets are being deleted. Long live Memo
Judge tells Craig Wright: “Not Credible”, "Forged docs" called into question
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"Whom told you that" should be "Who told you that?"
Jason and Memo people: "Who to follow" should be "Whom to follow". Don't follow Twitter's grammatical lead.
My fitbit is tracking my heartbeat and sending BCH transactions:
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Do not tire of spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption. It's good for the world.
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Both Tezos and IOTA now ahead of Bitcoin SV on CMC
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Can someone confirm if this allegation is correct?
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It's not just that SegWit as a softfork is a very ugly hack. It's a matter of principle. They wanted to demonize all hardforks to ensure that Bitcoin becomes permanantly un-upgradable.
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Grapefruit Trading is a great place for OTC trades in crypto!
Grapefruit Trading is a great place for OTC trades in crypto!
Luca is a handsome boy!