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I'm the type that girls don't like, ... boys stay away... and walking alone


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A bunch of guys re-enacting some guys death...over...and over...and just fuckin sick ok
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I dun think so. I said bankrupt with my situation; why u so serious? With me, stay at home without job ( Due to my health condition was not stable for work); let's be me and u know :)
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This is the first time I had this "USELESS" feeling; sincerely, I started this situation when I decided to quit job in order helping my pet. He was protected me when my bf attacked
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Show me the meaning of being bankrupt... Is this the feeling I need to know now =))))))...
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Unusual Uther
With me, I disagree with ya... :"> ... They has their money... they do whatever they want... I dun have money, I wont do like them :">
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Unusual Uther
Still better than my place.... Trading activities for Crypto Currencies may lead you the way to "PRISON BREAK"
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AUD Coin
U mean the quantity of AUDC if I wanna sell???

I got around 6,000,437,000.00008392 (AUDC)... So how much will I get back???
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