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A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. #BitcoinCash

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1574d · Memo
Memo has reached 500,000 on-chain actions!
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set name to 【₿】Mike 1577d
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Great job
I posted this from memo.cash and not from Twitter.
This is a post from memo.cash.
This is ₿ Mike and I am seeing my memo through txstreet.com.
1588d · Tokens
I see some people are still accidentally using the wrong tokens - https://memo.cash/token/89c60f458fe67bdc9884c876e557b181149f4b03f8380dd35215dbccab8697b7
1588d · Tokens
The page for viewing all tokens for sale has been removed. If you want to see which tokens are for sale look at the individual token you want to buy. This also allows you to see the cheapest offer
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Prioritizing things as best I can :)
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1591d · Coins' Dev Progress
Here's stats for Memo:
July - 176 commits, 432 files changed, 11715 insertions(+), 7018 deletions(-)
June - 164 commits, 265 files changed, 12744 insertions(+), 1825 deletions(-)
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Nothing in particular. I would like to see better frontend.
replied 1591d
Can you make UI better ? Little fancy
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Memos are interesting. There's something about knowing I can't undo this that makes this different from Twitter or any other social media. Whatever I say, I'm going to be held accountable. Accountability, we need more
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1594d · SPICE Token
SPICE token will outperform Dogecoin
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I'm sucking every $SPICE.
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