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Stop taking out your jealous rage on people just because they're happy, smart, or successful. If you have life figured out, lead by example, not from behind a computer screen.
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So much revelation packed into such a tiny little statement.
Sometimes people reveal the most unimaginably jarring self-images.
on a publicly viewable, immutable, blockchain.
Love the new fundraising page for BCH, just donated to the developer fund and BU!
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This awesome nerd can be found at
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Yep getting paid is better than nothing. But it's unfortunate the amount you will lose to fees of cashing it out. That will add up to a lot. BCH is practically free.
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Swap it for BCH if the fees fall anytime. It won't take long and you will pay over $10 for the transaction.
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Consider swapping some to BCH ;)
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Not Halloween, but I do some historical reenactment stuff. We are pirates of course.
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324d · Cosplay
Let's try that first one again. Shared the wrong url.
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You might want to ask RoyalTiffany about her experience.
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Would rather have a female spidy imho.
Went to a “Bitcoin Meetup” and left disappointed, sad actually, lots of guys there been in to bitcoin a long time but are still in it for “store of value” and price speculation, totally against bigger blocks.
328d · Flat Earth
You might be the most retarded user on memo (that's a huge accomplishment considering that Craig Wright and mindstatex have an account here too)...a simple search leads to a lot of raw footage.
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Don't even engage with them, they're just trying to get a reaction. Nobody actually believes in flat earth unless they're retarded, it's essentially believing in magic
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YO! Wanna earn some BCH? Every like + follow + reply will get 10K sats.
annnnd GO!
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The Bitcoin Cash Torch Has Been 28x Passed Around The World
I passed on to the author of
We should develop a tipping software like tippin. Integrated into the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram YouTube and everything.