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replied 1555d
Stop taking out your jealous rage on people just because they're happy, smart, or successful. If you have life figured out, lead by example, not from behind a computer screen.
replied 1555d
So much revelation packed into such a tiny little statement.
Sometimes people reveal the most unimaginably jarring self-images.
on a publicly viewable, immutable, blockchain.
replied 1555d
She isn't fatherless and no one wants you. Go watch a movie. Maybe get a life of your own to psychoanalyze. Go back to your bridge troll. I'm reading
replied 1555d
How incredibly inappropriate. I crown you king of failed trolling. Attempter of trigger debauchery. Excuse me while I go surround myself with loving family members and focus on my PhD.
replied 1555d
You are too much fun stranger. Keep trying ;) And go fix your relationship with every woman you've ever encountered. I'm sure there's nothing but room for improvement xo
replied 1555d
Aren't you lovely. What an incredibly compassionate display of male influence. Just touched I am. Such a caring human. So empathetic and full of wisdom 😂😂😂💀
replied 1555d
You all need so much serious help. Like wow. Have a nice day everyone. I feel like you all need it.
replied 1556d
I'm sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you so full of hate and anger. I hope you find help someday
replied 1556d
Don't want to contribute? Don't. It's real easy to not be a dick too. Just saying
replied 1556d
What on earth are you talking about?! I'm a university student and single mom and you're making some harsh assumptions. I make my income in tips and this is called promo.
Raising funds for my moving fees this weekend and accepting digital currency if anyone wants to help this camgirl out ❤
1569d · Cosplay
"I just want to give you a whole bunch of money to help me cause trouble." - BlackCat
Love the new fundraising page for BCH, just donated to the developer fund and BU!
1583d · Cosplay
From my recent shoot with ace_versus_spidey and phamphotographs
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This awesome nerd can be found at
replied 1586d
Yep getting paid is better than nothing. But it's unfortunate the amount you will lose to fees of cashing it out. That will add up to a lot. BCH is practically free.
replied 1586d
Sadly BTC is the only digital currency option available but it's a great point I'm going to bring up with them
replied 1586d
Swap it for BCH if the fees fall anytime. It won't take long and you will pay over $10 for the transaction.
replied 1586d
Consider swapping some to BCH ;)
replied 1586d
It was either never get paid or get BTC so I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. Also I'm not sitting on it. This is my only source of income. I get it and I take it out
Officially getting paid by Chaturbate exclusively in BTC and so happy about it! Ever since SESTA FOSTA was passed banks have been targetting SW accounts. This is a beautiful answer to a huge issue
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Miles and Gwen looking fierce af
1587d · Cosplay
Miles and Gwen taking a selfie