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The operator of

replied · 109d
Stop taking out your jealous rage on people just because they're happy, smart, or successful. If you have life figured out, lead by example, not from behind a computer screen.
replied · 109d
So much revelation packed into such a tiny little statement.
Sometimes people reveal the most unimaginably jarring self-images.
on a publicly viewable, immutable, blockchain.
replied · 109d
She isn't fatherless and no one wants you. Go watch a movie. Maybe get a life of your own to psychoanalyze. Go back to your bridge troll. I'm reading
replied · 109d
How incredibly inappropriate. I crown you king of failed trolling. Attempter of trigger debauchery. Excuse me while I go surround myself with loving family members and focus on my PhD.
replied · 109d
You are too much fun stranger. Keep trying ;) And go fix your relationship with every woman you've ever encountered. I'm sure there's nothing but room for improvement xo
replied · 109d
Aren't you lovely. What an incredibly compassionate display of male influence. Just touched I am. Such a caring human. So empathetic and full of wisdom 😂😂😂💀
replied · 109d
You all need so much serious help. Like wow. Have a nice day everyone. I feel like you all need it.
replied · 109d
I'm sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you so full of hate and anger. I hope you find help someday
replied · 109d
Don't want to contribute? Don't. It's real easy to not be a dick too. Just saying
replied · 109d
What on earth are you talking about?! I'm a university student and single mom and you're making some harsh assumptions. I make my income in tips and this is called promo.
· 109d
Raising funds for my moving fees this weekend and accepting digital currency if anyone wants to help this camgirl out ❤
· 122d · Cosplay
"I just want to give you a whole bunch of money to help me cause trouble." - BlackCat
· 136d
Love the new fundraising page for BCH, just donated to the developer fund and BU!
· 136d · Cosplay
From my recent shoot with ace_versus_spidey and phamphotographs
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This awesome nerd can be found at
replied · 139d
Yep getting paid is better than nothing. But it's unfortunate the amount you will lose to fees of cashing it out. That will add up to a lot. BCH is practically free.
replied · 139d
Sadly BTC is the only digital currency option available but it's a great point I'm going to bring up with them
replied · 139d
Swap it for BCH if the fees fall anytime. It won't take long and you will pay over $10 for the transaction.
replied · 139d
Consider swapping some to BCH ;)
replied · 139d
It was either never get paid or get BTC so I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. Also I'm not sitting on it. This is my only source of income. I get it and I take it out
· 139d
Officially getting paid by Chaturbate exclusively in BTC and so happy about it! Ever since SESTA FOSTA was passed banks have been targetting SW accounts. This is a beautiful answer to a huge issue
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Miles and Gwen looking fierce af
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· 141d · Cosplay
Miles and Gwen taking a selfie