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The indexer is no more centralized than a bitcoin node.
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Welcome to Memo
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Muchas Gracias por el empujón inicial! 👍
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I myself am only going to buy meat with BCH from now on. Good meat + BCH + shipping.
This is the butcher shop
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The son of the owner of the butcher shop is in the community of BCH Argentina. He is telling me that this week he had 5 purchases with BCH. BCH adoption is growing a lot in Argentina.
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Value of Money multiply when It Is passed through Many hands. It became Smart Money.

That Is how an Investor Is born.
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Gracias por todo-! abz
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¡Muchas gracias! Será puesto a buen uso.
Writing a memo and seeing it appear at TxStreet is really fun.
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Could memo.cash have an onion service in the future?
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Sound great
La prueba final para Bitcoin: actividad en la red - Episodio #33
I pledged for Bitcoin Cash Argentina!


#BCH #adoption #marketing
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Muy buen libro
Ya que este libro sólo lo hay en versión papel, utilicemos un marcador de página apropiado. 🙂
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Yesterday, there were
29426 txs on BCH chain, 277880 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=10.6%
1519546-1519317=229 memo txs, 📈14.5%(compared w/ prev 200), account for 0.8% of all BCH txs
1d · Flipstarters
1d · Flipstarters
https://flipstarter3.bcharg.com/ -- I have pledged now!

“Without the family, we are helpless before the State.”
— G. K. Chesterton
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