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3d · bitcoin cash
They lie: You think they're Bitcoiners just like you. You’re wrong.
This is fucking genius! :-D

#BCH #bitcoin #p2pcash #BTC
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Look into it, its impressive.
State,adaptive sharding. 15k tps,very cheap and fast to send.
Is on Samsung phone wallet, soon its smart contracts tech will secure BUSD and alot more.
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Thanks I'll take a look
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I don't know much about it. What do you like about the coin?
This is one of the best 2 hour discussion of visions & ideas from various BCH wallet devs. Absolutely delightful!


#BCH #wallet #BitcoinCash
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listed 1 USDt for 100,000,000 satoshis 5d

5d · bitcoin cash
What's the market price for an original USDT from the first 1,010 minted? is currently sold out
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Love it!
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7d · memo
I feel cat photos have probably pushed technology further than any other use case. #catsofcash
7d · memo
Seems easy to attach a Twitter or YouTube link and have it show inline. I just posted about cats and would be great to attach a cat photo to the post.
7d · memo
Would love a way to attach an image to a new post. I know you can manually upload to imgur and then put a link.
An important question:

Do the humans have cats as pets, or do the cats have humans as pets?
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What solution do you think is best?
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And overall I'm glad there is a general mission of uncensorable peer to peer digital cash. It gives us all something to aim for in these conversations.
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Thanks for the nice tip(s)! They are much appreciated. Stability for all market players to me is key. Then it's something people can believe in and rally around.
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