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voted Yes, I have other crypto. 600 sat 300d
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Besides BITCOIN CASH, do you own other crypto currencies?
Yes, I have other crypto. 8 votes · 2,155 satoshis
No, I only collect Bitcoin Cash :) 2 votes · 0 satoshis
No, I don't have any crypto. 0 votes · 0 satoshis


300d · Ideas to improve our lives
Gratitude. Be grateful every day and watch how your life improves. Write it down for extra goodness.
I want to step back & appreciate the quality and quantity of work coming out of @BitcoinCom. The impact we're having from mining, dev tools, merchant services, games, apps, exchanges, R&D, marketing and ambassadorship
Need a Bitcoin Cash wallet? Here's a list of Mobile, Desktop, Hardware, and Paper wallet solutions.
300d · Travel Deals
Tried Hopper app yet? I used their fare watching feature to tell me when a $1200-$1500 fare LAX - Berlin dropped to $400, they let me know, and I grabbed one for $591.
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create normal token then type an emoji in the info section
Tell me more about those cute little Gorilla tokens. :-) Where do they come from, how do we earn more? They're so cute!
301d · Travel Deals
I want to start this topic so we can share travel deals. Join me in sharing travel discounts you've discovered and used. Thanks!
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look at you!
LOVE that gif!
Bitcoin Cash is bigger than one single person.

Bitcoin Cash is bigger than one single team.

Bitcoin Cash is bigger than one single company.

Bitcoin Cash is digital cash for the Internet Nation.
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It worked! I needed the GIF link. Thanks everyone for helping me and encouraging me!
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Thanks Dos! I used Giphy but it only showed up as a link. Is that how it works in Memo?
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I'm trying to learn how to upload images. Looks like my animated post on imgur didn't translate to animation over here. Anyone have any tips for me? Please and thanks!