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LIfe is a choice, love is life, family where life begins love never ends. Love every moment. Laugh every day. Live beyond word.


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Superbe Animation Du Groupe "l'USMA Ouled El Bahdja" Au Virage ⚫🔴
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I said I randomly had this MEMO SV acct, w/ BSV sats in it. What did I do? Sent that #bsv to my wallet and exchanged it for #bch, duh. Haha. No idea where all the BSV came from, but thanks gheys
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Photography condor p6 pro LTE

#photographie #art #memo
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Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline to Offer Crypto Payments Acceptance in Switzerland https://www.bitcoinsuisse.com/news/bitcoin-suisse-and-worldline-offer-crypto-payments-acceptance-switzerland/
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I threw a cubicle in order to climb the water has been a hat
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yes with nikon 4500
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Have any of you used it yet?
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“Permissionless peer to peer cash at global scale
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A winner is a dreamer: p who never gives up .... <3
Un gagnant est un rêveur :p qui n'abandonne jamais.... <3
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bitcoin cash is permission-less p2p money for the whole world!
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NYC New York Coin. There’s one ☝️
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Step-by-Step Guide to Registering a .Eth Name on the New ENS Registrar https://bit.ly/34Bbwrh
Unusual Uther
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Right now I am pissed off at twist off bottle caps
This is a SUPER OFFICIAL boycott of all twist off bottle caps.
They are evil and should be banned for eternity.
End of story.
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