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462d · Bitcoin Cash
BCHSV is absolutely exploding in price on Poloniex. (technicals show bullish flag breakout = MOON). IT IS ALL OVER ABC. MINERS RULE.
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468d · Memes
472d · NoForkNovember
There is only Satoshis vision. All else is doomed to fail.
472d · Atlantis location been found
IMO the location of Atlantis as described by Plato have officially been found.
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Sk8eM dUb
This is how invasion looks like
UN can fuck off. It's a massive scam and money laundering operation. West should cut off all aid to those idiots.
496d · Cult of the full graph
This is the most important idea in BCH today. People need to understand how the network works.
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520d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
I made this...
"Current-you preventing short-term-future-you from stealing from long-term-future-you" aka saving account :
Stefan Molyneux predicts Blockstream takeover of Bitcoin in 2014:
In terms of what made "Bitcoin" bitcoin, the only thing the Core (soft)fork retains is the ticker. The only thing Core cares about is being backward compatible so it'll have a claim for the brand name.
532d · Bitcoin
By any objective standard, BTC is the coin stealing the Bitcoin name, and BCH is the real Bitcoin.
535d ·
BCH prize +13,5% in 24 hours!
Sweet! BMG Pool just mined a 10.3 MB block with 44.7K transactions!
The Stress Test is live!
540d · Craig Wright is a Fraud
My guess is that mostly people with poor understanding of economics hate on CSW. So they barely know what Bitcoin is really about. Plus they cannot embrace competition.
638d · #911Truth
No planes were used on 911:
544d · Capitalism
@Lightrider you can come to Venezuela an see what socialism has done in here... statism is the worst gorvernment, you probably live in the first world and you've never felt hunger in your life.
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Memo will likely be adding IPFS support. Not sure when though.
557d · Bitcoin Protocol Discussion
Protocol spec is going to be Bitcoin from 2009. Original Bitcoin, the way is was supposed to be.