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Learning more and more about BCH every day. What can you share?


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Doesn’t Warren Buffett say to buy when others are scared?
I am thinking to buy around 10 ETH today. It is so low and there is big fear in the market... isn't the best recipe for investment?
❗️[Announcement] memopay is open for test now! Memopay allows any memo user to send BCH to any cash addr beyond memocash to withdraw, donate, fund new users etc. To start see info in profile https://bit.ly/2MWxDmO
Just a few months. Long way to go! Trying to learn by trying things and not just HODL. Tracking our experience at https://bitcoinsense.wordpress.com
The Business Blockchain by William Mougayar and The Age of Cryptocurrency by Vigna/Casey are both great overviews of why Blockchain and crypto are critical
Other soc media have an introduce yourself tag/topic,thought on Memo it'd be cool for new users to connect and get the ball rolling,even tho theres a new user search in profiles.Hi.
Hi all. Like this thread. Mike from NJ here. Working to learn crypto with my son because I think this is critical for him to understand because it will grow as he grows.
Couldn’t you make same argument about gold?
What are you looking for? Check out https://bitcoinsense.wordpress.com for example of work.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Another good place to practice trading is Coinpot because it lets you convert between coins with no fee and you can claim free crypto. https://bitcoinsense.wordpress.com has more details about it
..and you will improve slowly. It took me about a year to get a base level of competence and i still have a long way to go before i consider myself successful at any rate..
What is better than IOTA for the use cases IOTA is targeting?
I like IOTA, the IOTA fundation is strong. But actually using IOTA is a headache, it needs years to become fast and stable.
anything old-school Super Mario Bros and I'm there
Big state. Depends where. DC suburbs out to Charlottesville is quite nice.
It becomes far away on what satoshi envision which is right now can be seen at bitcoin cash. Well, I guess i need to learn more and im happy here.
My teenage son wanted to starting mining about a year ago. We have learned together.
Yellowstone National Park
I made it! We'll see how well it works.. for now it's just doing elonmusk and it's at: https://memo.cash/profile/1PMcZkEsZc9foi4pvWnyQ6d7FddMrMxywh
A real use is machine to machine micro payments. Example is IOTA but there are others. As the Internet of Things grows, so does this use case
A space to discuss the happenings of various Altcoins
I like the concept of Brave browser with BAT token. Could do for web browsing what memo is doing for social media.
Brexit 1776 - Happy Independence Day from the USA.