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posted · 4 days ago in Games
anything old-school Super Mario Bros and I'm there
Big state. Depends where. DC suburbs out to Charlottesville is quite nice.
It becomes far away on what satoshi envision which is right now can be seen at bitcoin cash. Well, I guess i need to learn more and im happy here.
My teenage son wanted to starting mining about a year ago. We have learned together.
Yellowstone National Park
I made it! We'll see how well it works.. for now it's just doing elonmusk and it's at: https://memo.cash/profile/1PMcZkEsZc9foi4pvWnyQ6d7FddMrMxywh
A real use is machine to machine micro payments. Example is IOTA but there are others. As the Internet of Things grows, so does this use case
A space to discuss the happenings of various Altcoins
I like the concept of Brave browser with BAT token. Could do for web browsing what memo is doing for social media.
Brexit 1776 - Happy Independence Day from the USA.
posted · 17 days ago in memo
Memo can become like earn.com if it just add tips to reply and filter by user defined "min tip". It can be done within the current protocol by filtering replies only if there is a like > MIN
According to a study, tipping me may improve your quality of life by 70%
Trump is the reset button for the USA. Unfortunately, there is no boot-up drive.
a buddha and a woman playing the piano
All i see are cheap Bitcoins(BCH)
Ex: Chocolate + Espresso. Mongolian Throat Singing Music + Smoking Sheesha. Lemon+Salt.
Peanut butter and jelly
Tipping on memo!
The two parties are moving further to the extremes and leaving a void in the middle
we can fix US politics with a few simple steps. 1. remove the 2-party system, 2. enact Article the First (congressional apportionment amendment), 3. get the public fucking involved
Video replay should be for blatant mistakes. It is being overused not just in World Cup but many sports.
What we are seeing is the growing pains of VAR. It changes the dynamics of penalty and red card calls.
Sorry if a referral link offends. Trying to stimulate some discussion and not just tip just to tip.
Pssssst, hey mjsnje, I think the referral link in the OP might have soured things, but good concept!
Trying again this week. Anyone interested?

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